Secrets of the Configuration Manager in WebSphere Message Broker V6

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Matt Lucas

Date archived: May 13, 2019 | First published: June 20, 2007

The Configuration Manager has been an integral component of WebSphere Message Broker since the first release of MQSeries Integrator. Sitting squarely between the Message Broker Toolkit and the domain of brokers, the Configuration Manager drives deployment, polices access to brokers, and provides key status information to the administrator. Understanding the Configuration Manager and knowing how to manage it can therefore be vital to the survival of your domain, particularly if things go wrong. This article describes the benefits of the WebSphere Message Broker V6 Configuration Manager and its subcomponents, and show you some secret tips and tools to help you stay in control of your domain.

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ArticleTitle=Secrets of the Configuration Manager in WebSphere Message Broker V6