Getting started with WebSphere Portlet Factory V6.0.1

Learn the fundementals of using IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory to expedite and automate development of your portal interface. See how to use the new V6.01 Ajax support to refresha single part of a page, enable drag and drop, create popup windows, and so on. Finally, learn to use new builders for the WebSphere Portal content repository and for Workplace Forms.

WebSphere Portlet Factory Development Team, Technical Experts, IBM

The WebSphere Portlet Factory Team includes technical professionals who develop, enhance, support, and maintain the WebSphere Portlet Factory product.

18 April 2007

Discover what the IBM® WebSphere® Portlet Factory can do for your portal development team. Learn key Portlet Factory concepts and how to perform primary tasks, create data services, develop portlet user interfaces, use techniques for debugging, and follow best practices for deployment. Put it all together to expedite and automate development of components in your portal interface. This 6.0.1 release describes how to use the new support for AJAX to accomplish tasks such as refreshing a single part of a page, drag and drop, creating popup windows, dynamic editing of tabular data in portlets, type-ahead, and so on. It also describes how you can use new builders for the WebSphere Portal content repository and for Workplace® Forms.

About WebSphere Portlet Factory

WebSphere Portlet Factory is a tool for rapidly building portlets on top of a service-oriented architecture, including WebSphere Portal environments. Developers can quickly and easily leverage their company's core assets by automatically assembling them into custom, high-value portlets. Portlets created with WebSphere Portlet Factory are dynamic, robust Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications that react automatically to change. Business users can modify them in real time to meet changing business requirements without requiring any coding, duplicating, or versioning of assets. By eliminating the need to code all of these implementations and their variations, WebSphere Portlet Factory simplifies the development, deployment, and change management processes.

This article describes the capabilities of WebSphere Portlet Factory, steps through examples of creating portlets, and tells how to use various features to accomplish specific development tasks.


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