Extending WebSphere Portal V6 personalization capabilities, Part 1. Including external data in personalization applications

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Jon Brunn

Date archived: May 16, 2019 | First published: February 07, 2007

To use data from external sources in your portal, and to control that use with personalization rules, you can easily extend the existing WebSphere Portal V6 personalization capabilities. In this series, you learn options for using external data with personalization rules, including creating and using application objects and resource collections. Then, you work through a short series of tutorials in which you write a rule that connects to a Web service to acquire weather data and to display a portlet only if the weather is poor in the user's area. Finally, you integrate an external source of data into a Web site (under the control of Web Content Management) using a personalization rule for content selection.

This series is intended for Java developers who need to use externally sourced data in, and to apply personalization capabilities to, a portal. You must have a working knowledge of Java programming and WebSphere Portal Personalization concepts to complete the exercises in this series (starting with Part 2). You also need basic knowledge of IBM Workplace Web Content Management to work through the exercise in the final part. See Resources for references to materials which can help you gain the prerequisite knowledge.

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ArticleTitle=Extending WebSphere Portal V6 personalization capabilities: Part 1. Including external data in personalization applications