Introducing IBM Workplace Web Content Management in WebSphere Portal V6

Learn about the many new features included in IBM® Workplace Web Content Management™ Version 6, which is fully integrated into IBM WebSphere® Portal Version 6.


IBM Workplace Web Content Management is a key component in IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6. You can use it to manage corporate content from the creation of the first draft to the final Web presentation. You can also use it to design your Web site. Because Web Content Management separates the design from content, you can create content independently from the Web design and then combine the content and design in a flexible fashion at run time.

This article walks through the version of Web Content Management that is included in WebSphere Portal V6. New features in this release include an enhanced user interface, new components, and support for in-line editing, all of which are described in detail. You get the details of each of these few features, and you see numerous illustrations in the form of examples and screenshots.

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