Exploiting the WebSphere Portal programming model, Part 2: Advanced URL generation

Implement portal navigation controls

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Stefan Behl, Stefan Hepper, Stefan Koch, and Carsten Leue

Date archived: January 3, 2017 | Last updated: October 03, 2008|First published: March 08, 2006

This is the second part in an article series which can help you to apply the WebSphere Portal V5.1.0.1 programming model to your company's portal. In Part 1 we introduced the model. In this part, we dive into an area that challenges programmers coming from the traditional Web application world: how to create Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). The portal environment poses special requirements on components that need to create URLs; therefore, URL generation in the portal environment is a bit more involved. You see how portal components can generate URLs using WebSphere Portal Version System Programming Interfaces (SPIs) that go beyond what the portal JSP tags. Finally, you see how to use these SPIs in an example which implements a navigation breadcrumb trail.

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ArticleTitle=Exploiting the WebSphere Portal programming model: Part 2: Advanced URL generation