Developing accessible portals and portlets with IBM WebSphere Portal

Making your portal accessible makes good business sense. Learn development and testing approaches to ensure that your portlets are accessible.

IBM Accessibility Center, Austin, Texas, <a href="">IBM</a>

This article was developed by the IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center in Austin, Texas.

22 February 2006

This article describes considerations for making portals and portlets accessible to people with disabilities. It introduces accessibility related concerns, and provides development and testing approaches to ensure the accessibility of your portlets. Finally, it lists resources you can use to learn more about building accessibility into your portal.


Accessibility is the practice of ensuring that people with disabilities have meaningful access to the information and function provided by computer and information technology. An accessible portal page is one that meets accessibility guidelines, including:

  • Lets users navigate by using only the keyboard
  • Lets users select font sizes, colors and color contrast combinations
  • Supports assistive technologies, such as screen readers and closed captioning

Incorporating accessibility for people with disabilities into portlet development need not be difficult or costly. This article will get you started.


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