Problem determination in WebSphere Process Server

This article shows you how to diagnose and correct exceptions that you may encounter while testing business integration modules in WebSphere Process Server.

Larry Tung (, Software Engineer, IBM

Larry is a Software Engineer at IBM Burlingame Lab in Burlingame, California. He is currently resolving customer issues on the IBM Websphere Process Server Interface Map component. You can reach Larry at

18 January 2006

How many times have you encountered an unexpected exception such as a NullPointerException, ClassCastException, or NoSuchAttributeException? Furthermore, what should you do with a sequence of stack traces? Testing business integration modules in IBM® WebSphere® Process Server using IBM WebSphere Integration Developer requires a good diagnostic approach that you can use to fix problems that prevent a module from working well. This article provides various recommendations that you can use to diagnose and fix these unexpected problems.


While testing business integration modules in IBM WebSphere Process Server using IBM WebSphere Integration Developer, you can encounter problems that prevent your module from working as expected. This paper identifies three approaches for examining the behavior of a Service Component Architecture (SCA) component within a module. The first approach shows you how to enable logging and tracing to view information for a specific component. The second and third approaches deal with viewing the messages (inputs and outputs) being sent to or being sent from a SCA component. Messages can be received or sent using SOAP/HTTP when a SCA uses a Web service binding or read from or written to a Java™ Messaging Service (JMS) queue. In both cases, you can use WebSphere Integration Developer’s TCP/IP Monitor and XML schema validator to ensure that a component is sending or receiving the expected, well-formed message. This paper assumes that you are well versed in SCA terminology, Web services, and XML.


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