Creating portal instances on demand

Implementing virtual portals with WebSphere Portal V5.1

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Thomas Hurek and Thomas Stober

Date archived: January 3, 2017 | First published: February 23, 2005

IBM WebSphere Portal V5.1 enables the on demand creation and management of virtual portal servers, without the need to re-install the WebSphere Portal software over and over again. These virtual portals are established by partitioning a single WebSphere Portal installation into independent, logical servers. End users are unable to distinguish whether their request is served by a full WebSphere Portal installation or by a logical portal, which has been defined within the shared environment. Virtual portals simplify administration by reducing the number of parallel installations, and they help avoid the requirement for redundant hardware.

This article provides an overview of these new virtualization capabilities in WebSphere Portal V5.1. It is intended for administrators and portal developers. It introduces you to the virtual portal fundamental concepts, and it provides the necessary background information which you need to plan and to set up virtual portals in your WebSphere Portal environment.

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ArticleTitle=Creating portal instances on demand