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Tool: WebSphere Adapter Toolkit V6.2


Download a free version of IBM® WebSphere® Adapter Toolkit, which lets customers and business partners develop custom J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) adapters to meet unique business requirements. The toolkit helps to create either a basic JCA 1.5 adapter, or an adapter that leverages the additional capabilities of the Adapter Foundation Classes utilized by WebSphere Adapters.

The Eclipse-based toolkit includes the following:

  • A wizard to create a connector project including the Java™ code for the appropriate adapter classes.
  • The Adapter Foundation Classes that provide a consistent implementation for WebSphere Adapters based on JCA 1.5.
  • A graphical Resource Adapter Deployment Descriptor Editor to ease creation and modification of the resource adapter deployment descriptor file.
  • Two sample adapters and associated enterprise applications are provided with source.
  • The Twineball sample adapter, which leverages the Adapter Foundation Classes implements the Enterprise Metadata Discovery (EMD) specification for wizard-driven configuration and the Data Exchange Service Provider Interface (DESPI) contracts for exchanging data efficiently.
  • The KiteString sample adapter, based directly on the JCA 1.5 and EMD interface specifications, implements the Enterprise Metadata Discovery (EMD) specification for wizard-driven configuration and the javax.resource.cci.Record interface for exchanging data.

IBM WebSphere Adapter Toolkit is provided as a no-fee download from IBM developerWorks to customers and business partners who secure licenses to WebSphere Integration Developer and Rational Application Developer.

What is the IBM WebSphere Visual Test Adapter?

IBM WebSphere Visual Test Adapter is a sample Adapter developed by using WebSphere Adapter Toolkit V6.2. You can use it as a reference to develop a new adapter with WebSphere Adapter Toolkit. WebSphere Visual Test Adapter can also help enable customers and business partners to develop an end-to-end SOA solution more quickly and smoothly. WebSphere Visual Test Adapter simplifies the configuration of WebSphere Adapters and related Enterprise Information System.

Two components are included:

  • EIS Mocker: A GUI tool that simulates the behaviors of the Enterprise Information System to which the JCA-Compliant Adapter connects.
  • JCA-Compliant Adapter: A JCA-Compliant Adapter developed by using WebSphere Adapter Toolkit V6.2. It can simulate and replace the WebSphere Adapters in the end-to-end solution, which lets you develop and test the end-to-end solution more easily.

Product details

System Requirements:

  • WebSphere Adapter Toolkit V6.2
    • WebSphere Integration Developer Version 6.2
    • Rational Application Developer 7.5.1
  • WebSphere Adapter Toolkit V6.1
    • WebSphere Integration Developer Version 6.1
  • WebSphere Adapter Toolkit V6.0.2
    • WebSphere Integration Developer Version V6.0.2


  • WebSphere Adapter Toolkit V6.2
    Download the WebSphere Adapter Toolkit V6.2 User Guide.
  • WebSphere Adapter Toolkit V6.1 and V6.0.2
    To access the WebSphere Adapter Toolkit User Guide:
    1. Register for and install WebSphere Adapter Toolkit.
    2. Start WebSphere Integration Developer or Rational Application Developer.
    3. Select Help => Help Contents from the menu bar.
    4. Select WebSphere Adapter Toolkit Documentation.
    5. Click on the User guide link to view the documentation.

      For additional information on WebSphere Adapter development, including implementation through deployment, please see the Redbook: WebSphere Adapter Development

Adapter Foundation Classes Utility Tool

The Adapter Foundation Classes Utility Tool can help you add or update the Adapter Foundation Class Jar file located inside your current adapter RAR file. The Adapter Foundation Classes Utility Tool Wizard and the User Guide are located in the folder:
<WID Install Location>/plugins /

This product is available in English.

What technical support is available during the trial period?

Browse the Support page for self-help resources.

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