BPM Voices: Synchronicity: An agile approach to business process management

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Scott Simmons and Michael Steele

Date archived: November 22, 2016 | First published: February 15, 2012

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of business process management is the ability to quickly develop business processes. With traditional SOA-based BPM solutions, the skills and development needed to implement even simple processes limits the ability to respond quickly to changes. Pair this with a lack of collaboration and shared understanding between business and IT stakeholders and you can see why many BPM projects get mired in prolonged development cycles. However, recent changes in this area, including emerging solutions such as IBM® Business Process Manager, support a more agile approach to BPM process discovery and development, reducing the time to market and ensuring a tighter alignment between business and IT. Using tools and techniques such as Blueworks Live, process discovery workshops, and iterative BPM development, IT and business can work together to design solutions. This approach helps to ensure that requirements are addressed during design and development instead of the traditional approach where business hands off requirements to IT with the hope that the final solution meets the requirements. In this column, we'll talk about these BPM challenges and discuss how to apply an agile BPM approach to address them. This content is part of the IBM Business Process Management Journal.

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