A solution model for integrating BPM and package solutions

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Kishore Channabasavaiah and Paul Tennyson

Date archived: January 3, 2017 | First published: December 14, 2011

This article describes a solution model that integrates enterprise business process management solutions with existing package solutions and other non-package applications, focusing on enabling businesses to realize the business agility and flexibility. The proposed solution model comprises an externalized BPM layer that can be built using key IBM® technologies and tools, and that can be integrated with ERP package solutions, such as SAP® and Oracle®. This content is part of the IBM Business Process Management Journal.

This content is no longer being updated or maintained. The full article is provided "as is" in a PDF file. Given the rapid evolution of technology, some steps and illustrations may have changed.

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ArticleTitle=A solution model for integrating BPM and package solutions