Business process management adoption scenarios

A look at how organizations can implement or expand BPM solutions

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Bertrand Portier

Date archived: October 2, 2017 | First published: January 19, 2011

BPM initiatives and the resulting BPM solutions are comprehensive. Does that mean the barrier to entry is high? Does that mean you need experts in each one of these capability areas to get started? Absolutely not! In fact, one of the key premises of BPM is that it is easy to begin a project simply and gradually evolve your BPM capabilities. This article describes best practices for BPM adoption and expansion. Drawn from thousands of IBM’s BPM customer engagements, these practices are customizable to an organization's specific needs and can be used to start or expand BPM initiatives. They can be categorized according to three adoption scenarios: Business-Led Discovery, Interaction and Collaboration, and Continuous Process Optimization.

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