Extend SugarCRM REST web services to use XML

Combine XML with SugarCRM to improve how your web services handle large data sets

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John Mertic

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | First published: April 26, 2011

With the introduction of SugarCRM 5.5, the entire web services framework was invigorated not only to add REST support to complement the existing SOAP support, but also to enable developers to customize the web services in an upgrade-safe way to help support their business applications with ease. Out of the box, the SugarCRM REST web service supports using JSON and serialized PHP data as data formats for interacting with these web services. In this article, you can see how easy it is to add XML as another option to send and receive data with your SugarCRM instance.

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ArticleTitle=Extend SugarCRM REST web services to use XML