SOA and Web services 10 most popular articles and tutorials


Happy 10th Birthday developerWorks! In celebration I have selected below the top articles and tutorials based on statistics and the amount of comments received.

  • SOA fundamentals in a nutshell
    By Mohamed Mabrouk
    This tutorial is a good place to start learning about what SOA is and what it can do for your organization.

  • SOA Sandbox
    Increase your SOA skills through practical, hands-on, online trials free of charge as a cloud service. Each Sandbox trial is based on real customer experiences, and they are all supported by expert guidance in the form of documentation and other learning aids that help solidify your learning.

  • Understanding Web Services specifications, Part 1: SOAP
    By Nicholas Chase
    This tutorial series gives you the straight story on the major Web service specifications, starting with Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and working down to WS Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL). You'll learn the basic concepts of Web services by following the exploits of the fictional newspaper, the Daily Moon, as the staff uses Web services to create a workflow system to increase productivity in these turbulent times.

  • Which style of WSDL should I use?
    By Russell Butek
    A Web Services Description Language (WSDL) binding style can be RPC or document. The use can be encoded or literal. How do you determine which combination of style and use to use? The author describes the WSDL and SOAP messages for each combination to help you decide.

  • Service-oriented modeling and architecture
    By Ali Arsanjani
    This article discusses the highlights of service-oriented modeling and architecture; the key activities that you need for the analysis and design required to build a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

  • Using WSDL in SOAP applications
    By Uche Ogbuji
    This article provides a brief background and technical introduction to WSDL. Knowledge of XML and XML Namespaces is required and some familiarity with XML Schemas and SOAP is useful.

  • Invoking Web services with Java clients
    By Bertrand Portier
    In this article, IBM developer Bertrand Portier describes the different types of Java Web services clients and explains how to write portable, vendor independent code.

  • Get ahead with Java Web services
    By James McCarthy
    In this article, James McCarthy takes you on a quick tour of this package. You'll learn what the tools in this package can do for you, and find out which components are just for testing and which are ready for production use as-is.

  • Design and develop JAX-WS 2.0 Web service
    By Naveen Balani and Rajeev Hathi
    This tutorial walks you through how to do all of this and more by developing a sample order-processing application that exposes its functionality as Web services. After going through this tutorial, you'll be able to apply these concepts and your newly acquired knowledge to develop Web services for your application using JAX-WS technology.

  • Enterprise Architect Kit for SOA
    This complimentary kit for enterprise architects provides a collection of materials that can help you to design with an enterprise architecture approach, align your business needs with IT, develop an approach that leverages your existing IT infrastructure and get the technical information you need to create a successful SOA strategy.

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