Social Networks using Web 2.0, Part 2, Social networks as a service (SNaaS)

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Diptiman Dasgupta and Rudranil Dasgupta

Date archived: January 5, 2017 | First published: October 13, 2010

In this article we will propose a model where a social network will be specialized for a particular line of services, Social Networks as a Service (SNaaS). This model will demonstrate how it can remove the challenges of the current system. It will describe how we can leverage a particular service from multiple social networks. It will also touch upon the technologies which are helping Social Networks leverage the power of the internet, Web 2.0 being one of them. A working model of how social networks can be fitted in the model of a service provider will be proposed. It will conclude with an outline on the future of service providing social networks and the advantages and challenges of such an operational model.

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ArticleTitle=Social Networks using Web 2.0, Part 2: Social networks as a service (SNaaS)