Building SOA applications with reusable assets, Part 5, Preferred data source pattern

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Dr. Eoin Lane and Jim Conallen

Date archived: January 6, 2017 | First published: August 03, 2007

This series explores reusable assets such as recipes, software patterns, and models. The series shows how you can accelerate the development of SOA solutions. This fifth installment in the series explores the preferred data source pattern, which addresses consistency non-functional requirements when implementing reusable services. The preferred data source pattern is a microflow pattern for service aggregation. It was harvested from a real SOA engagement, and it has been reused in several other SOA applications and engagements. This article also demonstrates how you can use a Rational® Software Architect implementation of this pattern in a model-driven development environment to create a new service implementation.

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ArticleTitle=Building SOA applications with reusable assets, Part 5: Preferred data source pattern