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Arnaud Le Hors

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: April 10, 2012

Linked Data and the Semantic Web have always been of interest to IBM Research but Linked Data has now become a central component of some of IBM's products strategy. The Rational group in IBM has for several years been employing a read/write usage of Linked Data as an architectural style for integrating a suite of applications, and we have shipped commercial products using this technology. The applications we have integrated in IBM are primarily in the domains of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Integration System Management (ISM), but we believe that using read/write Linked Data as an application integration technology could be broadly relevant and applicable within the IT industry. IBM is now working with W3C to formally define a Linked Data standard that will provide the industry with a standards framework that will benefit both small-scale in-browser applications (WebApps) and large-scale Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) efforts.

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