Problem Determination through Defensive Infrastructure Architecture, Part 1: Runtime deployments with queues and ESBs

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Kyle Brown and Alexandre Polozoff

Date archived: September 6, 2016 | First published: July 14, 2009

The widely known "keep it simple strategy" (KISS) is a wise practice to follow when building out an infrastructure. Application deployments, packaging and placement requires considerable thought and effort to execute well. However, sometimes what appears to be a simple implementation can hinder problem determination leaving a production runtime unstable or, worse, unavailable. What is simpler for one side of the IT development or operations staff makes troubleshooting and root cause analysis that much harder because it is difficult to separate out discrete events or the lack of valuable but missing data. This article looks at some real life examples where "more is actually less" when it comes to KISS.

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ArticleTitle=Problem Determination through Defensive Infrastructure Architecture: Part 1: Runtime deployments with queues and ESBs