Accessing a JAX-WS web service from Android

Learn to create a web service client for an Android device

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Deepak Vohra

Date archived: April 18, 2019 | First published: February 15, 2011

Web services provide function specific services and are especially suited for mobile devices. KSoap2-android project is a SOAP library for the Android platform. In this article we will access a JAX-WS web service for which a WSDL is provided from an Android client. The web service returns a Hello message in response to a request containing a name. We shall create a web service client for Android using the Eclipse ADT plugin and the KSoap2-android library. We will test the web service client in an AVD (Android Virtual Device). The response from sending a request to a Hello web service with name as the request argument is output on an Android virtual device emulator.

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