Generate dynamic mobile web interfaces with the Dojo Toolkit

Create mobile web apps and dynamically update the application's content with data requested from a server

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Jose Luis Lopez

Date archived: December 13, 2016 | First published: August 30, 2011

Using mobile devices to browse the web has become the rule. As users of mobile devices increase in number, there is a corresponding spike in the development rate of mobile applications and mobile-friendly websites. For the mobile app developer, the main concern becomes how to develop an app that can display on the majority of devices. In this article, see how the Dojo Toolkit can help you create widgets for your application that mimic the interfaces of the most popular mobile devices. The Dojo Toolkit provides a mechanism to create mobile web apps using Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, and JavaScript.

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ArticleTitle=Generate dynamic mobile web interfaces with the Dojo Toolkit