Introducing IBM WebSphere sMash, Part 1, Build RESTful services for your Web application

Create, assemble, and deploy modern applications with a powerful, yet simple, platform

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Roland Barcia and Steve Ims

Date archived: May 13, 2019 | First published: September 02, 2008

In this series, learn all about IBM® WebSphere® sMash, a simple environment for creating, assembling, and executing applications based on current Web technologies. In this first article, get a hands-on tour of the innovations that let you create, assemble, and deploy powerful Web applications. Learn how WebSphere sMash is community driven, and about its conventions for creating RESTful Web services. Using a step-by-step example, you set up the environment, create a project, build a RESTful service to expose data, test your application, and import a sample application to consume the RESTful services.

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ArticleTitle=Introducing IBM WebSphere sMash, Part 1: Build RESTful services for your Web application