Khám phá XML Encryption (mã hóa XML), Phần 1

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Ví dụ 15. Tác giả của phần tử CipherData
	Listing 15
	Authors the CipherData element.

import org.w3c.dom.*;

public class CipherData {
	// We will create child elements within this document.
	private Document doc = null;
	// The main structure.
	private Element cipherData = null;

	// Element will be appended in Document only once.
	private boolean elementAppendedToDoc = false;
	// Constructor
	public CipherData(Document document){
		doc = document;
		cipherData = doc.createElement("CipherData");

		elementAppendedToDoc = false;
	}// End CipherData()

	// Sets the encrypted Data inside CipherValue Child tag.
	public void setValue(String value){
		Element tempElem = doc.createElement("CipherValue");
	}// End setValue()

	// Adds CipherReference element inside CipherData element.
	// Its Attribute URI is passed as parameter.
	// Transform element is optional.
	// If want to set only URI then pass NULL in place of transforms Element
	public void setCipherReference (String uriValue, Element transforms) {
		Element tempElem = doc.createElement("CipherReference");
		tempElem.setAttribute("URI", uriValue);
		if ( transforms != null )
	}// End setCipherReference()
	// Retuns the completed CipherData structure.
	public Document getCipherData() {
		if (elementAppendedToDoc == false ) {
			elementAppendedToDoc = true;
		return doc;
	}// End getCipherData()
}// end Class CipherData

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