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Apache Forrest
Apache Forrest is an XML standards-oriented documentation framework based upon Apache Cocoon, providing XSLT stylesheets and schemas, images, and other resources.
Apache Lenya
Apache Lenya is an Open Source Java/XML Content Management System and comes with revision control, site management, scheduling, search, WYSIWYG editors, and workflow.
Apache XML
Commercial-quality standards-based XML solutions.
Apache XML Graphics
Conversion of XML formats to graphical output.
Apache XML Project
The goals of the Apache XML Project (part of The Apache Software Foundation) are to provide commercial-quality standards-based XML solutions that are developed in an open and cooperative fashion, to provide feedback to standards bodies (such as IETF and W3C) from an implementation perspective, and to be a focus for XML-related activities within Apache projects.
Apache XMLBeans
XML-Java binding tool
Content Query System (CQS) Project: Summary
Content Query System (CQS). CQS is a distributed peer-to-peer query system for the purpose of discovering content or data. XML messages are passed between systems and query "engines" are used to access the data that is being made available on the system.
XML Forms Generator
XML Forms Generator now includes a schema-flattening utility, an auto-detect renderer option, Eclipse V3.2 support, and Eclipse WTP V1.5 support, and more. This standards-based, data-driven Eclipse plug-in generates functional forms with XForms mark-up embedded within an XHTML document on Red Hat.
1 - 8 of 8 results
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