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XML Watch: Planet Blog
Edd Dumbill explains how RSS feeds from weblogs can be aggregated to enhance communication among groups of software developers, and how XML/RDF can be used to describe multiple communities.
Articles 28 Jan 2004
XML Watch: Worm's-eye BEEP
In this second article examining BEEP -- Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol -- Edd builds on the broad principles of BEEP outlined in his previous article, explaining how the protocol is implemented, and providing an example of how it is used in Java.
Articles 01 Mar 2002
XML Watch: SyncML toolkits
As the final part of his exploration of SyncML, Edd Dumbill surveys the various SyncML toolkits and products, with a focus on open source offerings.
Articles 06 Jun 2003
XML Watch: Bird's-eye BEEP
While debate continues on reusing HTTP as a convenient way to connect applications, a new protocol called BEEP -- Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol -- has been standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Making use of XML itself, BEEP does for Internet protocols what XML has done for documents and data. In his first column for developerWorks, seasoned XML observer Edd Dumbill explains how BEEP provides a framework that allows developers to focus on the important aspects of their applications rather than wasting time with the detail of establishing communication channels.
Articles 01 Dec 2001
1 - 4 of 4 results
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