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Thinking XML: The XML flavor of HTML5
For a while, there has been a struggle for the future of markup on the web, a struggle between the W3C's XHTML 2 and HTML5, developed by the major browser vendors under a separate organizational umbrella. First, the W3C took over HTML5, and now it recently announced the sunset of the XHTML 2 effort. This makes a significant difference to the future of XML on the web, and furthermore, because of HTML5's momentum, it is now a technology that every XML developer already has to deal with. But fans of XML need not despair: HTML5 supports a proper XML serialization. Learn about the XML form of HTML5 including some key differences from older XHTML conventions and learn how to practically apply this vocabulary in modern web browsers.
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Articles 08 Jul 2010
Thinking XML: XML Topic Maps by the book
Topic Maps provide a system for organizing information, and XML Topic Maps bring this system to the world of XML. In this article, Uche Ogbuji examines XML Topic Maps, introducing the technology in the course of reviewing a key book on the topic.
Articles 30 Jul 2003
Thinking XML: Good advice for creating XML
The use of XML has become widespread, but much of it is not well formed. When it is well formed, it's often of poor design, which makes processing and maintenance very difficult. And much of the infrastructure for serving XML can compound these problems. In response, there has been some public discussion of XML best practices, such as Henri Sivonen's document, "HOWTO Avoid Being Called a Bozo When Producing XML." Uche Ogbuji frequently discusses XML best practices on IBM developerWorks, and in this column, he gives you his opinion about the main points discussed in such articles.
Articles 31 Jan 2006
Thinking XML: Universal Business Language (UBL)
Universal Business Language (UBL) is an ambitious effort to unify the chaotic world of XML formats for business. Recently, the group behind UBL released the first work products for public review. In this article Uche Ogbuji takes a first in-depth look at UBL.
Articles 01 Feb 2003
Thinking XML: Analyze financial reporting using XBRL
Thanks to recent events, the world turns its eyes to Wall Street. One of the hot topics is how to increase the transparency of descriptions of business activity and financial results. The financial sector and the SEC have long approached this problem with XBRL, an XML language for business reports. XBRL uses a variety of XML technologies, including XLink to provide rich detail for financial information. Learn to interpret and analyze financial report information in XBRL, using an actual U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission report as an example.
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Articles 06 Jan 2009
Thinking XML: Serving up WordNet as XML
A few articles back, Uche Ogbuji discussed WordNet 2.0, a Princeton University project that aims to build a database of English words and lexical relationships between them. He showed how to extract XML serializations from the word database. In this article he continues the exploration, demonstrating code to serve up these WordNet/XML documents over Web protocols and showing you how to access these from XSLT.
Articles 30 Aug 2005
1 - 6 of 6 results
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