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Building a process task portlet application using the Portlet Generator in WebSphere Integration Developer 6.2
The human task Portlet Generator is a new addition to WebSphere Integration Developer 6.2. This tutorial provides instructions on how to create a process portlet application using the Portlet Generator wizard.
Also available in: Chinese  
08 Apr 2009
Creating and deploying a portlet service for IBM and JSR168 portlets
This tutorial provides a step-by-step approach to creating a portlet service that can be invoked by either an IBM portlet or a JSR 168 portlet. With this knowledge, portlet developers can create new portlet services that can be accessed by either the IBM Portlet API or the JSR 168 Portlet API. You can also update older portlet services to support new JSR 168 portlets. Finally, you see how to enhance the performance of portlet services by making use of the Command Cache.
21 Dec 2005
Tutorial: Creating a JSR 168 portlet for use by diverse portals
This two-part tutorial shows you how to create a JSR 168 portlet which can be consumed by multiple portals using Web Services for Remote Portlets. You can either use the Rational IDE or you can hand-code in your favorite editor. Next, you enable the portlet to access a database from the portlet using SQL. Then, you see how to access the portlet from a portal running under WebSphere Portal V5.1.
26 Oct 2005
Implementing JSR 168 inter-portlet communication using Rational Application Developer V6.0 and WebSphere Portal V5.1
This tutorial shows you how to implement JSR 168 compliant cooperative portlets using IBM Rational Application Developer V6.0 and IBM WebSphere Portal V5.1. You see how to pass multiple values from the source portlet to the target portlet, without defining a complex data type inside a Web Services Definition (WSDL) file.
14 Sep 2005
Developing portlets which access SAP R/3, using Bowstreet Portlet Factory and WebSphere Studio
This tutorial shows you how to develop a portlet application for WebSphere Portal V5 which uses data from a SAP R/3 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. You use the Bowstreet Portlet Factory and WebSphere Studio Application Developer to develop portlets which display a manager's list of employees and details for each employee. You also see how to use the credential vault and Click-to-Action.
01 Sep 2004
Making your portal multilingual: Configuring WebSphere Portal V5 to use WebSphere Translation Server V5
This tutorial tells how to install and configure IBM WebSphere Portal V5 to use IBM WebSphere Translation Server V5 for machine translation of portal pages.
29 Jun 2004
Installing IBM Portal Toolkit V4.3 with a Remote DB2 Database
This tutorial shows how to create an IBM Portal Toolkit development environment that uses a shared DB2 database server. Each development machine has its own WebSphere Portal V4.2 and WebSphere Member Services databases that reside on a shared DB2 server machine. Portal Toolkit V4.3 is installed on each workstation and DB2 is configured to access the databases remotely. This configuration enables many developers to share a single, centrally administered, DB2 server system. This typically saves 100 MB of RAM and 150 MB of hard drive space compared to workstations using local WebSphere Portal and Member Services databases. (PDF 1.4 MB)
25 Nov 2003
WebSphere Portal content publishing V4.2 Lab
This tutorial shows you how to use IBM WebSphere Portal content publishing Version 4.2 to create a customized content publishing system which supports a dynamic Web site.
16 Jul 2003
1 - 8 of 8 results
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