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Share data between different IBM WebSphere Portal applications
The Shared Data application object is one of the preinstalled application objects that are available to use with IBM WebSphere Portal Personalization rules. To use a Shared Data application object, you must use the Personalization API to initialize and set its properties. This tutorial shows how to set properties for a Shared Data object and then use those properties in a Personalization rule.
Also available in: Chinese  
24 Jun 2016
Configuring IBM WebSphere Portal v8.0 on z/OS
This white paper explains the steps for several common configurations of WebSphere Portal v8.0 z/OS, including configuring WebSphere z/OS via zPMT and via the ISPF panels. Also included are the IBM Installation Manager commands for installing WebSphere Portal v8.0 z/OS, targeting users who may be new to WebSphere Portal z/OS or new to WebSphere Portal v8.0.
12 Feb 2013
Custom NoSkin skin with portlet action menu for an IBM WebSphere Portal theme
By default the IBM WebSphere Portal NoSkin skin has no title bar. This means it also does not have a portlet action menu, which can make it difficult to configure the portlet when the page is switched to edit mode. This article presents a custom NoSkin, called NoSkinPlus, that displays nothing in view mode but shows a title bar super-imposed on the portlet in edit mode.
18 Jan 2013
Performance tuning guide: IBM WebSphere Portal Express 8 on IBM i V7R1
This white paper discusses performance tuning recommendations that are specific to running IBM WebSphere Portal on the IBM i platform, focusing on the WebSphere Portal Express 8.0 and IBM i (i5/OS) V7R1 / V7R1M1 profile and platform versions. Our emphasis is on platform-level recommendations unique to the IBM i that are minimally discussed in the existing WebSphere Portal performance tuning guides.
02 Jan 2013
Building a PDF-generator portlet using IBM Web Experience Factory
Learn how to build an IBM Web Experience Factory portlet that creates PDF files on the fly, using XSL files (*.fo) and the Apache Formatting Objects Processor (FOP) library. In our builder, XSL-FO syntaxes are extended with custom XML elements that allow us to add dynamic behavior during the generation of the PDF.
07 Dec 2012
Managing the ReleaseBuilder deployment process for IBM WebSphere Portal
ReleaseBuilder is a tool shipped with IBM WebSphere Portal that lets customers manage and deploy changes in a production environment. This white paper describes a bestpractice process and the steps therein that are required to manage a deployment process that depends on ReleaseBuilder. This process was developed using WebSphere Portal V7 but could easily be adapted to other versions of WebSphere Portal.
29 Nov 2012
Creating a custom IBM WebSphere Portal portlet to search across IBM Web Content Manager, Connections, and Lotus Quickr
This article shows you how to create a custom search portlet in IBM WebSphere Portal that searches IBM Web Content Manager, IBM Connections, and IBM Lotus Quickr using REST APIs.
29 Nov 2012
Migrating multiple-cluster IBM WebSphere Application Server from v7.0 to v8.0 and Portal Server from v6.1 to v8.0 on z/OS with 24x7 availability
Learn how to use the IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) and WebSphere Portal Server (WPS) migration framework to quickly and easily move WAS and WPS on z/OS from WPS v6.1.5 on WAS v7.0 to WPS 8.0 on WAS v8.0. This white paper explains the steps required to migrate a multiple cluster and maintain 24x7 WebSphere Portal availability.
03 Oct 2012
IBM WebSphere Portal performance planning, testing, and bottleneck analysis
Learn the high-level steps for testing IBM WebSphere Portal performance and for resolving performance bottlenecks.
03 Oct 2012
Customizing your IBM WebSphere Portal Web experience using the new theme framework
This detailed, step-by-step guide explains how to customize your IBM WebSphere Portal Web experience by using the new modularized theme framework.
03 Oct 2012
Migrating an IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1 database to WebSphere Portal 8.0 using the IBM DB2 Database Administration Tool v7.2 for z/OS
This white paper explains the steps required to migrate an IBM WebSphere Portal v6.1 database to WebSphere Portal v8, using the IBM DB2 Administration Tool (DAT) v7.2 for DB2 Universal Database on z/OS. We focus on the DB2 migration utility, job execution, and troubleshooting the issues that we encountered, targeting users who need detailed knowledge of the DAT migration solution and how the tool works with WebSphere Portal.
03 Oct 2012
Troubleshooting IBM Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal security / access issues
IBM Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal, as the name suggests, is an application running on WebSphere Portal that relies on underlying infrastructure for its security management, WebSphere Identity Manager (WIM) / Portal User Management Architecture (PUMA). Therefore working with Lotus Quickr requires familiarity with IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM WebSphere Application Server's security setup and user management.
05 Sep 2012
Integrating the Web Application Bridge (WAB) with IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0: A step-by-step guide
Learn how to integrate the Web Application Bridge (WAB) with IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0; specifically, understand, install, and configure WAB with WebSphere Portal 8.0.
05 Sep 2012
A new generation of Configuration Wizard in IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0
This white paper introduces the new Configuration Wizard in IBM WebSphere Portal v8.0 that functions as a Web Wizard deployed on an IBM WebSphere Application Server console, provides a Web interface for users to run a single ConfigEngine task directly, and compiles multiple tasks into workflows.
22 Aug 2012
Event-based inter-portlet communication with IBM WebSphere Portal and JSR286
This article illustrates how to combine a Java portlet and IBM WebSphere Portal event processing to be used to achieve navigation in a portlet-based Web application, as well as information passing. The sample application is built with IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) for WebSphere v8.0.4.
22 Aug 2012
Tuning IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager for best anonymous page performance
This article demonstrates the rationale for and benefits of using anonymous pages as well as a process for configuring IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Web Content Manager, and the Web server to provide maximum performance
21 Aug 2012
Implementing event-driven GUI patterns using the ZK Java AJAX framework
This white paper explores three event-driven graphical user interface (GUI) patterns using the ZK Java AJAX framework; specifically, "Passive View," "Supervising Controller" and "Presentation Model." The patterns are discussed in the context of a simple screen implemented three times using each of the three patterns.
21 Aug 2012
Integrating IBM WebSphere Portal 7 with LDAP: Overview and standalone configuration
This step-by-step guide explains how to integrate IBM WebSphere Portal 7 with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and to configure the standalone LDAP configuration with WebSphere Portal. We describe the setup and configuration of the LDAP Servers, IBM Tivoli Directory Server v6.2 and Microsoft Windows Active Directory 5.2, and how to integrate with WebSphere Portal as a standalone LDAP configuration.
21 Aug 2012
Deploying and developing IBM WebSphere Portal 8 themes: A step-by-step guide
WebDAV entry points for themes and skins were introduced in IBM WebSphere Portal version 7. This eased development of themes, especially when working together with Web agencies, and provided a convenient way to change the most common artifacts quickly.
21 Aug 2012
Integrating IBM WebSphere Portal 7 with Microsoft SharePoint 2010
IBM WebSphere Portal and Microsoft SharePoint are popular platforms that organizations adopt as their base platform for their portals, and organizations often want to integrate the two technologies. This kind of synthesis is needed because a number of multiple, separately administered SharePoint installations are difficult to integrate with enterprise applications and legacy systems running on WebSphere Portal.
23 Jul 2012
Improving IBM Web Content Manager Personalization rule performance using Include Only
When rules are created to retrieve IBM Web Content Manager (WCM) content from the repository, some of the rules can get rather complex and expensive. New in IBM WebSphere Portal version 7 is the ability to use the Include Only option when creating a Personalization (PZN) rule to select content.
11 Jul 2012
Understanding the IBM Eclipse HelpAdvisor Service in IBM WebSphere Portal Server
IBM Eclipse HelpAdvisor Service (IEHS) is a customized portlet service in IBM WebSphere Portal Server. The service displays a Help topic in a pop-up window by using the Eclipse Help System Web Infocenter UI for JavaTM Specification Request (JSR) portlets. The topic is shown by use of the user's preferred locale from their WebSphere Portal user profile. IEHS is composed of the following components: HelpAdvisor Service interface. Defines the functionality that the service will provide and extends the interface (see listing 1). This service ensures there is only one HelpAdvisor instance, shared among all portlets.
21 Jun 2012
Productizing an approved UI design into a functional UI in IBM WebSphere Portal 8
This article addresses the situation in which the look and feel of an IBM WebSphere Portal page is designed by a User Interface (UI) design expert, and the actual productization of these styles are done by the another developer. The UI design expert prepares the styles---like Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) or a sample HTML)--- per the UI specification and design, and these styles or sample HTML are then consumed by the developer to develop an actual, functional UI for a product. The developer takes into account all the specific requirements of the product and important factors like namespacing, internationalization support, cross-browser support, accessibility support, and so on. This article guides you through step-by-step checkpoints to productize the styles into a realtime UI. The intended audience is Portal developers with expertise in JavaServer Pages (JSPs) who want to develop a functional UI using the sample styles and HTML code written by an HTML and CSS expert. UI experts can also use this article to deliver the sample CSS and HTML for an approved design. Readers of the article should have the functional requirement document of the expected UI.
21 Jun 2012
Basic guide for using IBM Web Experience Factory
Learn how to use IBM Web Experience Factory 8; specifically, how to create a simple Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete (CRUD) portlet and how to add a filter to the portlet, using one or two input text or combo boxes. This white paper also explains the steps to add validation rules to the portlet and to add notifications to the portlet input form. We focus on the step-by-step process and provide images for all steps.
21 Jun 2012
IBM Web Experience Factory 8: A developer's perspective
Understand the key concepts of the IBM Web Experience Factory 8 tool, key capabilities, and benefits over conventional portlet development tools, and learn how to leverage them in developing portlet applications.
13 Jun 2012
Methods for resetting IBM WebSphere Portal portlet views
This article explains how to reset portlet views with multiple frameworks (Java Specification Request, IBM Web Content Manager, and JavaServer Faces), along with examining how the theme impacts the process and can be used to reset the state. Also, we examine how the various themes (Portal standard, Portalweb2, PB2) can be modified to achieve the desired results.
23 May 2012
IBM WebSphere Portal 7 customization scenario: Part 1, Customizing a menu portlet
This article was written based on IBM WebSphere Portal (hereafter called “Portal”) 7, and the portlet was tested on Portal 7 Fix Pack 2. It will be useful for Portal implementers who need to customize Portal 7 features, using an API or Service Provider Interface (SPI) to suit customer requirements, including customizing menu displays, portlets display on a page, user registration and the user management module. To get the most from this article, you should have basic understanding of Portal configuration and JavaTM Portlet Specification (JSR) portlet development.
16 May 2012
IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0 IIM / Launchpad / FirstSteps at a glance: Installing WebSphere Portal and Portal Express
This article is aimed at first-time users of IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0, introducing some key functions and best practices, and briefly looks at IBM Installation Manager (IIM), WebSphere Portal 8.0 Launchpad.
09 May 2012
Administering IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0: A comprehensive workshop
The goal of this white paper is to explain the various administration and configuration tools offered by IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0. Learn about which tool to use for which task and about the new capabilities of WebSphere Portal 7.0, and understand differences from previous versions of WebSphere Portal. We take you through exercises for each tool so you can learn hands-on how to use them.
19 Mar 2012
Performance management tools for IBM WebSphere Portal
This document details the tooling that was used during a recent performance-related customer engagement. It describes the tools and how they were used to evaluate IBM WebSphere Portal 7 performance / problem determination issues.
06 Mar 2012
Enabling communication between IBM WebSphere Process Server and IBM WebSphere Portal via command line operations
Learn how to enable SSO and generate LTPA tokens between IBM WebSphere Process Server and an IBM WebSphere Portal server in cross-cell mode; that is, via command line operations (silent mode). Included is a detailed example .zip file with python scripts.
24 Feb 2012
Creating an IBM Lotus Quickr cleanup utility
Learn how to create a cleanup utility to delete unused/empty folders (and memory space) from IBM Lotus Quickr 8.1 for WebSphere Portal, using the Quickr Web services API, to help improve Quickr's performance.
24 Feb 2012
Leveraging Reverse AJAX in IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0 using Dojo CometD and Web messaging service
This article provides a hands-on exercise to leverage Reverse AJAX in portlets using Dojo CometD foundation and the Web messaging service component of the Feature Pack for Web 2.0. It demonstrates a scenario in which an open channel is kept between a client's browser and the IBM® WebSphere® Portal server so that WebSphere Portal can push updates to the client as soon as they are available.
24 Feb 2012
Administering IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1.0 and 6.1.5: A workshop
The goal of this white paper is to explain the various administration and configuration tools offered by IBM WebSphere Portal. Learn which tool to use for which task and about the new capabilities of WebSphere Portal 6.1.5, and understand differences from previous versions of WebSphere Portal. We take you through exercises for each tool so you can learn hands-on how to use the different tools.
Also available in: Spanish  
29 Jun 2010
Cloning a WebSphere Portal V6 installation
Portal administrators see how to clone an installation of WebSphere Portal V6 that has been configured for specific deployment needs.
26 Feb 2010
Comment lines by Kyle Brown: Paying back technical debt
If you have ever put off completing part of a project with the intention of coming back later to finish it, then you have incurred technical debt. Like financial debt, technical debt is serious and can snowball unless you are aware of it and have a plan in place to manage it. This article presents five steps to help you identify, reduce, and handle your organization's ongoing technical debt situation.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian   Portuguese  
27 Jan 2010
Comment lines by Joey Bernal: A three-stage roadmap for social networking
Getting started with Web 2.0 and social networking can be a challenge for any organization. Identifying Web 2.0 patterns and creating a cohesive roadmap for implementation requires some degree of investment. Knowing where you are headed can help in putting together a long term plan.
Also available in: Chinese  
09 Dec 2009
Setting up a custom user repository with Virtual Member Manager for IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.1 and IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1
Starting with version 6.1, IBM WebSphere Application Server leverages a component called Virtual Member Manager (VMM) to manage information about users, user profiles, and user groups. VMM offers a specific Service Provider Interface (SPI),, to connect VMM with user repositories that VMM does not support out of the box. This white paper explains how to implement a Repository instance as part of a custom WebSphere Portal configuration.
31 Aug 2009
Configuring single sign-on (SSO) between IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Lotus Domino
This paper is designed to help administrators who have a good grasp of how SSO works and want an in-depth explanation of what steps are necessary to configure SSO between IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Lotus Domino. It also explains how to verify that SSO is working correctly. Editor's Note: This white paper is the second in a three-part series on SSO to be published over the next month or so. See the previous paper, "Understanding single sign-on (SSO) between IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Lotus Domino."
19 Jun 2009
High availability options for IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1 search
Increasingly, users of IBM WebSphere Portal have been requesting information on how to provide high availability for the Portal Search service. Out of the box, Portal Search service does not support high availability and thus presents a potential for a single point-of-failure for this service. This white paper explains what options are available to provide certain degrees of high availability for Portal Search service.
19 Jun 2009
Understanding single sign-on (SSO) between IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Lotus Domino
This white paper provides an in-depth explanation of how the single sign-on (SSO) feature works between IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Lotus Domino. Learn the basics of how cookies are written to―and used in―Internet browsers, how the cookies are used to enable SSO, and exactly what is in the token and why it's needed for SSO between two servers. Included are specific details of where the WebSphere Portal and Lotus Domino servers configure each part of the cookie used for SSO, the LTPAToken. Editor's Note: This white paper is the first in a three-part series on SSO to be published over the next few months. See the second paper, "Configuring single sign-on (SSO) between IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Lotus Domino."
03 Feb 2009
Using IBM Lotus Expeditor Toolkit 6.1.2 to develop a plug-in to extend IBM Lotus Sametime
This article shows you how to use the IBM® Lotus® Expeditor toolkit to develop a plug-in to extend IBM Lotus Sametime®. It also shows you how to run and debug this plug-in in the Lotus Expeditor toolkit and how to install the plug-in in Lotus Sametime.
09 Dec 2008
Getting started with WebSphere Portlet Factory V6.1
Discover what the IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory can do for your portal development team. Learn key Portlet Factory concepts, and how to perform primary tasks, create data services, develop portlet user interfaces, techniques for debugging, and best practices for deployment. Put it all together to expedite and automate much of the production of the components in your portal interface. The 6.1 release of this guide includes information on the new features of the 6.1 and 6.0.2 releases, such as REST service support and the new graphical Design view.
27 Aug 2008
Developing themes and skins in IBM® WebSphere® Portal 6.0.X
This white paper provides IBM® WebSphere® Portal developers an understanding of the new features and layouts available with the version 6.0.X themes and skins, addressing new functionality such as theme extensions and theme policies. It also covers how the various files that make up the complete theme are pulled together and how they are used to control the various aspects of the look and feel.
29 May 2008
Implementing a human-centric business process application using WebSphere Portlet Factory: Part 2: Developing a human-centric business process
Learn how to implement an end-to-end Web-based or portal-based human-centric business process application using IBM WebSphere Integration Developer, WebSphere Portlet Factory, WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Application Server, and WebSphere Portal. Part 2 of this series shows you how to develop a simple human-centric business process and export human task meta-data from the process for user interface development.
16 Apr 2008
Using the Dojo Toolkit with WebSphere Portal
Learn how to install, configure, use, and leverage the Dojo Toolkit in WebSphere Portal applications.
28 Nov 2007
Leveraging WebSphere Portal V6 programming model: Part 4. Understanding and configuring WebSphere Portal login and logout
Learn about the mechanism which enables portal users to login and logout, and how to configure and customize the login and logout behavior.
28 Jun 2007
Creating a custom user registration portlet using WebSphere Portlet Factory V6
Replace the portal default user registration with a new user registration portlet that you create using the PUMA SPI and the Linked Java Object builder in Portlet Factory V6.
06 Jun 2007
Getting started with WebSphere Portlet Factory V6.0.1
Learn the fundementals of using IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory to expedite and automate development of your portal interface. See how to use the new V6.01 Ajax support to refresha single part of a page, enable drag and drop, create popup windows, and so on. Finally, learn to use new builders for the WebSphere Portal content repository and for Workplace Forms.
Also available in: Japanese  
18 Apr 2007
Developing and testing portlet applications with Lotus Expeditor and Rational Application Developer
Learn how to develop client services portlet applications for Lotus Expeditor using Rational Application Developer v7 and Lotus Expeditor Toolkit v6.1. The toolkit extends the IBM Rational Software Development Platform IDE to develop and deploy Java applications with rich user interfaces that can run on desktop or wireless devices.
18 Apr 2007
End-to-End Web Content in WebSphere Portal using Web Content Management 6.0
Learn how to define, create and edit content in a portlet using IBM WebSphere Portal V6.0 Web Content Management (hereafter referred to as Web Content Management). This article uses many of the new user interface and authoring features available in V6.0 such as, authoring template enhancements, in line Edit, link components, and new component types.
28 Mar 2007
Practical applications of AJAX in WebSphere Portal
See how to quickly meet a few of the basic expectations in your portlet applications that users have come to expect from using sophisticated, graphically-based user interfaces in non-Web applications.
17 Jan 2007
Best practices for using IBM Workplace Web Content Management V6
Get tips and guidelines from Services, Development, and Support experts who have gained experience in Web Content Management through a wide variety of activities including product development, support, and customer engagements
03 Jan 2007
Introducing IBM Workplace Web Content Management in WebSphere Portal V6
Learn about the many new features included in IBM Workplace Web Content Management Version 6, which is fully integrated into IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.
13 Dec 2006
IBM WebSphere Portal V6.0 Security Overview
An overview of the WebSphere Portal security architecture and deployment scenarios illustrate the flexibility and breadth of options you can use to implement your own portal security infrastructure.
01 Nov 2006
Exploiting personalization in WebSphere Portal V6.0
This article is for portal specialists, architects, and consultants who need to understand how to use the personalization support in WebSphere Portal V6. You walk through detailed examples of rule driven personalization involving Web Content Management and Portal Document Manager. You also see how to create and use rules for attribute based administration. Finally, you get a variety of portal personalization hints and tips to help you quickly be more productive with the new V6 features.
18 Oct 2006
The Mainstream Newsletter, SOA Issue
This issue of the Mainstream Newsletter customers discusses using IBM software onSystem z (or zSeries) in service-oriented architected environments. Learn about IT service management and how centralized IT management supports an On Demand Business, the latest advances in automation, IBM's push for the next generation of mainframe experts, and how WebSphere Portal for z/OS provides a unified user interface for SOA applications.
26 Sep 2006
Portlet Development Workbook
Learn portlet development at your own pace, and you get a firm foundation in the Java Standard Portlet API (JSR 168) including the "what", "why", and "how".
30 Aug 2006
Building composite applications and templates in WebSphere Portal V6
Enable business users to assemble applications using a wide variety of components.
23 Aug 2006
IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal: Introducing the WebSphere Portal V6.0 Content API
This articles introduces the Content API included with WebSphere Portal V6. It is for architects and system designers who are interested in building custom applications that use documents and other content stored in libraries managed by the Portal Document Manager.
Also available in: Chinese  
26 Jul 2006
Introducing WebSphere Portlet Factory HTML Templates
Create a custom, handcrafted appearance for your applications without coding the HTML by hand.
19 Jul 2006
Exploiting the WebSphere Application Server V6.1 portlet container: Part 1: Introducing the portlet container
This article series examines the JSR 168 portlet container available in IBM WebSphereApplication Server V6.1 and differentiates its use from WebSphere Portal.
Also available in: Chinese   Japanese  
05 Jul 2006
Part 3: Integrating WebSphere Portal into your security environment and user management system
Use the portal programming interfaces to implement single sign-on (SSO), customize portal login behavior, and work with the user profiles. See the interfaces applied to the calendar and todo example from Part 1.
21 Jun 2006
IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal: Implement a contextual portal with WebSphere Portal
Discover how to use IBM WebSphere Portal to create a contextual portal: a dynamic, agile, intelligent, and context-aware user interface that overcomes the limitations and productivity challenges of static Web sites and portals by adapting to the user's situation and context. Understanding and exploiting dynamic capabilities in WebSphere Portal can help you improve your users' experience and productivity -- and raise the value of your portal site.
Also available in: Japanese  
21 Jun 2006
Best practices: Developing portlets using JSR 168 and WebSphere Portal
This paper describes best practices for designing and developing portlets that conform to the JSR-168 standard, and which leverage the IBM WebSphere Portal infrastructure for JSR 168.
14 Jun 2006
Best practices for model development with IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory
Get tips from the development team for creating more efficient models.
01 Jun 2006
Managing multi-lingual Workplace Web Content Management content in WebSphere Portal
Learn how to handle automatic language selection for multi-lingual content stored in IBM Workplace Web Content Management and then rendered in WebSphere Portal.
24 May 2006
Creating Geospatial Portlets Using the IBM Rational Spatial Integration Adapter
Learn how to create and test a new spatial portlet project, using the provided spatial portlet examples as a starting point for your own spatial application development. This article demonstrates how to use IBM Rational Application Developer and Spatial Integration Adapter to build compelling geospatial portlets.
02 May 2006
IBM WebSphere Portal Page Derivation Concepts
Set up, administer, and optimally apply WebSphere Portal page derivation capabilities.
12 Apr 2006
Portlet Development Best Practices and Coding Guidelines
This document is a collection of best practices for portlet development using the IBM Portlet API (pre-JSR 168). It provides guidelines for designing and coding portlets for portals powered by IBM WebSphere Portal.
01 Apr 2006
Developing accessible portals and portlets with IBM WebSphere Portal
Making your portal accessible makes good business sense. Learn development and testing approaches to ensure that your portlets are accessible.
22 Feb 2006
Under the hood of IBM Workplace Collaboration Services
Take a peek under the hood of IBM Workplace Collaboration Services and learn about the layers that make up Workplace Collaboration Services, including IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Portal.
31 Jan 2006
Diagnosing Performance Problems for WebSphere Portal 5.1
Learn how to isolate, diagnose, and resolve performance problems with your portal.
21 Dec 2005
Deploying Siebel Web UI Dynamic Developer Kit artifacts on IBM WebSphere: Part 2. Deploying artifacts in a portlet application
Use IBM tooling to easily access Siebel applications from your portal.
21 Dec 2005
WebSphere Portal: On-ramp to service-oriented architecture
A discussion of SOA benefits, the evolution of portals and composite applications, and the relationship of portals to SOA.
30 Nov 2005
Exploring the WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Portal Enable XDIME aggregator
Learn about the various components of the XDIME aggregator provided with IBM WebSphere Mobile Portal Enable V5.1 and how to use them to customize the navigation and look and feel of your mobile portal applications.
09 Nov 2005
Configuring Web Services for Remote Portlets in WebSphere Portal
Dynamically integrate business applications into your portal with presentation-oriented Web services. You can personalize and customize the integrated portal, and render its presentation to fit your environment.
02 Nov 2005
Integrating SAP solutions with IBM WebSphere products
This article describes how the IBM WebSphere family of products can be used in an SAP environment. It contains a brief survey of WebSphere products, highlighting how each product interoperates with SAP software. This interoperability begins with solid compliance with and mutual support of open standards by both WebSphere and the SAP NetWeaver platform. It then extends to different levels of interoperability, from SAP-specific business integration adapters and portlets (available out of the box), to development tools that allow you to build applications that easily access your SAP resources, to complementary capabilities that allow you to build customized solutions
20 Jul 2005
Error validation and exception handling in portlets, using the Struts Portlet Framework
Having a good design and implementation for error validation and exception handling enables applications to respond gracefully in abnormal conditions. This article tells how you can leverage error validation and exception handling features, which are built into the WebSphere Portal Struts Portlet Framework, in your portlet applications.
11 Jul 2005
WebSphere Portal and Windows SharePoint Integration Guide
This article discusses six key areas which must be considered when implementing a federated portal, comprised of portals running under IBM WebSphere Portal and portals running under MicrosoftWindows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Portal Server.
11 Jul 2005
Developing JSR 168 compliant cooperative portlets
This article describes how to use the WebSphere Portal cooperative portlets feature in portlets, which are written to the JSR 168 standard API and run in WebSphere Portal V5.1. You learn the steps for developing standard portlets to exploit portlet cooperation, and you see the concepts illustrated in a sample application.
11 Jul 2005
IBM WebSphere Portal for Multiplatforms Version 5.0 Performance Tuning Guide
This white paper provides guidelines for parameter and application tuning for IBM WebSphere Portal for Multiplatforms V5.0. Many factors affect tuning, including the workload scenario and the performance test environment. This paper describes those parameters that made the most performance impact in our testing. When tuning your individual systems, begin with a baseline test and monitor the performance statistics to see if any parameters should be changed.( 395 KB PDF)
20 Jul 2004
Portlet API comparison white paper: JSR 168 Java Portlet Specification compared to the IBM Portlet API
Portlet developers can read this paper to see a side-by-side comparison of the Portlet API provided by IBM with the Websphere Portal V5.x product, and the JSR 168 Java Portlet Specification, which is developed through the Java Community Process. The paper describes the conceptual differences between the two APIs, provides specific examples, and discusses the relationship to the Web Service for Remote Portlets (WSRP) service. It also offers advice for programming portlets with the IBM Portlet API so you can easily convert them to the JSR 168 API.
28 Jun 2004
Managing Documents with Portal Access Control in WebSphere Portal 5.0.x
This document will illustrate the use of WebSphere Portal's V5 Document Manager access control support for managing documents for an organization with sub-teams. This example can be generalized to fit a number of levels of hierarchical roles within an organization.
22 Jun 2004
Adapting a WebSphere Portal V5 application for a KIOSK
This article describes how to adapt a portal application for WebSphere Portal V5 so it can run on a KIOSK.
09 Jun 2004
Wiring Click-to-Action portlets for inter-portlet communication in WebSphere Portal V5
See how to enable two banking portlets to share business data, with minimal programming. WebSphere Portal V5 lets you wire two portlets so they can share data over a persistent connection, using Click-to-Action enabled portlets. You see how to enable and wire source and target portlets.
06 Apr 2004
A step-by-step guide to configuring a WebSphere Portal V5 cluster
This document, for portal administrators, tells how to create an IBM WebSphere Portal cluster for failover and scalability support, especially for a production environment. This guide walks you through building an example cluster consisting of two portal nodes (WebSphere Portal), a database server (DB2) running 4 databases, a Web server (IBM HTTP Server), an LDAP server (IBM Directory Server, and Deployment Server (a component in WebSphere Application Server).
30 Jan 2004
Applying the State Pattern to WebSphere Portal V5 Portlets: Part 2. Implementation
This article, the second in a two part series, describes the implementation of a portlet using the state pattern that was introduced in part 1.
03 Dec 2003
Document Manager Tutorial
This tutorial tells how to use the WebSphere Portal V5 feature called Document Manger, which provides a centralized location for documents, and built-in methods for tracking changes and comments from members of the work team.
02 Dec 2003
Periodic Events in WebSphere Portal V4.2
This paper describes how to modify the WPCP internal events table to make an event run periodically.
19 Nov 2003
Advanced Authoring Templates for WebSphere Portal content publishing V5.0
Learn techniques for customizing forms for adding and updating content using the WebSphere Portal content publishing (WPCP) V5 Web user interface.
19 Nov 2003
IBM WebSphere Portal content publishing V5: Database Considerations
This article discusses ramifications when using multiple database applications with WPCP version 5.0. It provides usage considerations for the various supported databases (DB2, Cloudscape, DB2 390, Informix, SQL Server, and Oracle) including managing resources, performing custom logging, and reporting.
14 Oct 2003
Understanding the Portlet Component Model in IBM WebSphere Portal
This paper describes the portlet component model and the Portlet API employed in IBM WebSphere Portal. It also includes an example of a portlet written to this API.
02 Sep 2003
Backup and Recovery Procedures
Describes procedures necessary to back up and restore WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere (R) Portal databases, and relevant data files.
29 Aug 2003
Accessing WebSphere Portal Personalization Rules Programmatically
This article describes how to personalize a portlet using application logic on content which has been personalized using business rules. It introduces two use cases to illustrate accessing personalization rules within a portlet.
18 Aug 2003
Migrating LDAP servers with WebSphere Portal V4.2 and IBM Directory Integrator V5.1
This paper describes how a large Microsoft Active Directory-based portal could be migrated to an IBM WebSphere Portal V4.2-based portal using IBM Directory Server V5.1 as the LDAP server. As part of a proof-of-concept, services consultants used IBM Directory Integrator V5.1 to migrate existing users, while modfiying the LDAP heirarchy, to meet the customer's requirements.
04 Jun 2003
WebSphere Portal content publishing V4.2: Understanding the Feedback logging tables
This paper describes the WebSphere Portal content publishing logging subsystem, including the Logging Beans API and Personalization Rules logging.
27 May 2003
Member Services in WebSphere (R) Portal: Setting up a custom user data store
Member Services is the component of WebSphere Portal that manages information about users and groups that are registered to the portal. WebSphere Portal provides an LDAP and database that are configured during installation to store user and group information. However, many organizations have pre-existing user data stores that they want to connect to the portal rather than rebuilding the user subsystem from scratch. This document provides an overview of how Member Services manages the user profile and how
25 Mar 2003
Using the WebSphere Portal content publishing portlets
The article tells how to use the three types of WebSphere Portal content publishing portlets to accessauthoring functions and display published content from inside WebSphere Portal. You see how to create instances of personalization rules, publish them, and display runtime content that is selected by these rules.
24 Mar 2003
Installing WebSphere (R) Portal in a cluster environment: WebSphere Portal for Multiplatforms Version 4.2
This paper provides step-by-step instructions for creating server groups and clones that WebSphere Portal can use to help balance workloads and improve performance. This paper pertains to WebSphere Portal Version 4.2 only.
15 Jan 2003
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