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IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit
The WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit helps organizations migrate applications to WebSphere Application Server V7, V8, V8.5.5, or V9. The migration can be from older WebSphere Application Server releases and from such application servers as Apache Tomcat Server, Oracle WebLogic Server, JBoss Application Server, and Oracle AS.
30 Jan 2017
Construct a simple JAX-RS 2.0-compliant REST service with WebSphere Application Server
This introduction to the REST features that are embedded into the Java EE 7 versions of IBM WebSphere Application Server demonstrates how you can create a simple JAX-RS 2.0 compliant REST service. It also shows how to use the REST capabilities that are built into WebSphere Application Server, such as object deserialization, custom serialization, and exception handling. Follow along with three downloadable projects.
20 Dec 2016
Understanding the SAML trust association interceptor for the WebSphere Application Server
Recent fix packs to IBM WebSphere Application Server versions 7.0, 8.0, and 8.5 include a SAML trust association interceptor (TAI) that introduces advanced single sign-on capabilities. The TAI includes many properties, and understanding what these options do and when to use them can be a challenge. The purpose of this article is to help you make sense of the SAML TAI.
Also available in: Chinese  
08 Dec 2016
Encrypting WebSphere Application Server system passwords
IBM WebSphere Application Server stores system passwords in files that are encoded. To support clients who want to implement their own password storage mechanism, WebSphere Application Server provides a system programming interface (SPI). If you require a password encryption solution, this article provides an example of how you can achieve it by using the SPI.
Also available in: Chinese   Japanese  
23 Nov 2016
WebSphere V9 Migration Assessment service to the rescue for V7 and V8.0 users
For WebSphere Application Server V7 and V8.0 users, the recent end-of-service announcement means you'll need to move to WebSphere V9. To ensure a quick and smooth transition so you can confidently use WebSphere V9, IBM introduces the WebSphere V9 Migration Assessment service. This article gives you a quick look at WebSphere V9 and how the new migration service can quickly get you there.
Also available in: Chinese  
17 Oct 2016
The WebSphere Contrarian: Preparing for failure
Many enterprises ensure that application and infrastructure performance testing and tuning is part of every implementation project plan. However, another essential testing and tuning phase is often overlooked -- one to ensure that application and component failover occurs without any impact to application availability. This installment of the WebSphere Contrarian discusses how to approach that task.
11 Oct 2016
Processing messages with the IBM MQ messaging provider activation specifications in WebSphere Application Server
This article describes the IBM MQ messaging provider activation specifications in WebSphere Application Server. It also describes the mechanisms that are used to connect to IBM MQ queue managers and monitor destinations for messages. Then, it shows how the application server delivers suitable messages to message-driven beans for processing. The article is for WebSphere Application Server administrators and developers who need to tune their systems and for IBM MQ administrators who want to understand how the application server interacts with IBM MQ.
Also available in: Chinese   Japanese  
06 Oct 2016
Programming XML across the multiple tiers: Use XML in the middle tier for performance, fidelity, and development ease
In this article,explore a natural and performant approach to working with XML data in the database and the middle tier. A sample Web application combines XML data across an XML database and Atom services to explain the approach. You will build such an application using an XML database, JDBC 4.0 support for SQLXML, and the IBM WebSphere Application Server V7.0 Feature Pack for XML.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian   Japanese   Portuguese   Spanish  
05 Oct 2010
Develop and deploy JAX-WS Web services on WebSphere Application Server Community Edition V2.0
With Java EE 5 and the introduction of JAX-WS, developing and deploying Web services is much easier than ever before. Learn how to build JAX-WS clients and services with WebSphere Application Server Community Edition V2.0, the latest version on IBM's freely available application server, based on Apache Geronimo 2.0, and get started on your first JAX-WS Web service project right now.
Also available in: Chinese  
25 Sep 2007
Configuring Web application security in WebSphere Application Server Community Edition V2.0
Configure security for Web applications deployed in IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition V2.0, a free-to-use Java EE 5 certified application server based on Apache Geronimo 2.0.1. This article will get you familiar with the various security realms provided by Community Edition so you can determine and implement the best, most appropriate level of security for your Web applications.
Also available in: Chinese  
25 Sep 2007
Client authentication using digital certificates in WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
Learn what is required and how to set up IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition for authenticating and authorizing Web clients in your applications based on digitial certificates. Also, find out how to develop and deploy a Web application to use certificates for declarative and programmatic security.
Also available in: Chinese  
07 Jun 2006
Schwab puts growth plan to the test
This paper describes how IBM's High Volume Web Sites team used WebSphere technology to put their best practices for performance and scalability to the test at Charles Schwab and Co. Inc. It details their goals, scenarios, and the large-scale system environment they set up for benchmarking and testing
30 May 2001
1 - 12 of 12 results
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