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Innovations within reach: The parameters that matter most for creating interactive diagrams on mobile devices
IBM ILOG Dojo Diagrammer includes a comprehensive set of graph layout algorithms that come with a vast number of customization parameters. This article provides a quick reference guide of the most important parameters for each algorithm, along with the parameters that can significantly influence performance. It also provides hints for optimizing the diagramming applications using graph layout on mobile devices.
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Articles 21 Sep 2011
Comment lines by Kyle Brown: Paying back technical debt
If you have ever put off completing part of a project with the intention of coming back later to finish it, then you have incurred technical debt. Like financial debt, technical debt is serious and can snowball unless you are aware of it and have a plan in place to manage it. This article presents five steps to help you identify, reduce, and handle your organization's ongoing technical debt situation.
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Articles 27 Jan 2010
1 - 2 of 2 results
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