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Mastering Ajax, Part 1: Introduction to Ajax
Ajax, which consists of HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, and DOM, is an outstanding approach that helps you transform clunky Web interfaces into interactive Ajax applications. The author, an Ajax expert, demonstrates how these technologies work together -- from an overview to a detailed look -- to make extremely efficient Web development an easy reality. He also unveils the central concepts of Ajax, including the XMLHttpRequest object.
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Articles 06 Dec 2005
Mastering Grails: Many-to-many relationships with a dollop of Ajax
Many-to-many (m:m) relationships can be tricky to deal with in a Web application. In this installment of Mastering Grails, Scott Davis shows you how to implement m:m relationships in Grails successfully. See how they're handled by the Grails Object Relational Mapping (GORM) API and the back-end database. Also find out how a bit of Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) can streamline the user interface.
Articles 15 Apr 2008
Mastering Grails: Asynchronous Grails with JSON and Ajax
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax) are staples of Web 2.0 development. In this installment of the Mastering Grails series, author Scott Davis demonstrates the native JSON and Ajax capabilities baked into the Web framework.
Articles 18 Nov 2008
1 - 3 of 3 results
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