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Aglets Software Development Kit
DB2 XML Extender
DB2 XML Extender lets you leverage critical business information in DB2 databases using XML-based interchange formats.
Ontology-based Web Services for Business Integration
A semantic Web services proof-of-concept demonstration for the industrial sector that shows service discovery, composition, and business process transformation.
Portable Network Graphics
The Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format was designed to replace the older and simpler GIF format and, to some extent, the much more complex TIFF format. Advantages of the PNG format include lossless compression, alpha channels (variable transparency), gamma correction (cross-platform control of image brightness), and two-dimensional interlacing. PNG does not support multiple-image support, especially animations. PNG was and is intended to be a single-image format only. The home site provides history, technical documentation, and programming resources.
1 - 4 of 4 results
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