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SoC drawer: Detecting and correcting I/O and memory errors
SoCs (systems-on-chips) are often deployed in communications, storage, network processing, and mission-critical embedded data processing systems. A reliable SoC-based system must mitigate and control environmentally induced errors in stored or transported data. It is impossible to fully prevent data loss, but engineering due diligence is required to ensure that systems are as safe as practically possible given current data coding methods for error detection and correction. This article examines methods to minimize potential data corruption and to maximize system safety when uncorrectable errors do occur.
Articles 21 Mar 2006
SoC drawer: SoC concurrent development
A system-on-a-chip (SoC) can be more complex in terms of hardware-software interfacing than many earlier embedded systems because an SoC often includes multiple processor cores and numerous I/ O interfaces. The process of integrating and testing the firmware-hardware interface can begin early, but without good management and testing, the mutability of firmware and early stages of hardware design simulation can lead to disastrous setbacks for a project. This article teaches system designers about tools and methods to minimize project churn.
Articles 20 Dec 2005
1 - 2 of 2 results
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