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Pure speed with mod_pagespeed
mod_pagespeed is a module from Google for Apache HTTP Servers that can improve the page load times of your website. It programmatically and automatically incorporates all the best practices for a speedy website into your site, and requires only minimal configuration. With mod_pagespeed, Apache web hosters can improve website speed quickly and easily.
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Articles 31 Jan 2012
Beyond MySQL
Although MySQL is one of the most popular programs, many developers have felt the need to branch it into other projects, each offering their own speciality. Many interesting sub-projects and branches now exist.
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Articles 25 Oct 2011
New things with jQuery, Part 1: Globalize
The new Globalize JavaScript plugin allows anyone to make their web application instantly support over 350 countries and languages with only a few lines of code. If your website has global customers, you need to adapt your website to them, and not make them adapt to your website. The Globalize plugin makes that easy, by using the power of client-side JavaScript.
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Articles 05 Aug 2011
Data mining with WEKA, Part 3: Nearest Neighbor and server-side library
Data mining can be used to turn seemingly meaningless data into useful information, with rules, trends, and inferences that can be used to improve your business and revenue. This article will go over the last common data mining technique, "Nearest Neighbor," and will show you how to use the WEKA Java library in your server-side code to integrate data mining technology into your Web applications.
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Articles 08 Jun 2010
Advanced jQuery
jQuery makes writing a good JavaScript-based Web application easy and straightforward, but there are a few extra steps required to turn your good Web application into a great Web app. This article details some of the steps to give your Web application the final layer of polish.
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Articles 14 Jul 2009
Working with jQuery, Part 3: Intermediate JQuery: Creating your own plug-in
jQuery lets you create your own plug-ins to extend the functions of jQuery--and to give back to the jQuery community. This article steps you through the process for creating your own plug-in and as well as getting it listed on the jQuery plug-in community Web pages.
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Articles 26 May 2009
Working with jQuery, Part 3: Rich Internet applications with jQuery and Ajax: JQuery: Building tomorrow's Web apps today
JQuery is emerging as the JavaScript library of choice for developers looking to ease their creation of dynamic Rich Internet Applications. As browser-based applications continue to replace desktop applications, the use of these libraries will only continue to grow. Get to know jQuery in this series of articles that takes a look at JQuery and how you can implement it in your own Web application projects.
Articles 28 Oct 2008
Introducing the JDesktop Integration Components
This article introduces the JDesktop Integration Components (JDIC), an open source project that's building components that bridge the gap between native applications and their Java counterparts. JDIC's single Java API lets your applications tap into native OS features while maintaining cross-platform support. It currently offers native Web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla) support, system tray support, file-extension integration, and other desktop features.
Articles 09 Aug 2005
Introduction to Swing
This hands-on introduction to Swing, the first in a two-part series on Swing programming, walks through the essential components in the Swing library. Java developer and Swing enthusiast Michael Abernethy guides you through the basic building blocks and then assists as you build basic but functional Swing application. Along the way you'll learn how to use models to ease the process of dealing with the data.
Tutorial 29 Jun 2005
Intermediate Swing
This tutorial builds on Introduction to Swing, which introduced the basics of Swing programming and the flight reservation system application. In this hands-on tutorial, Swing programmer Michael Abernethy walks you through more advanced Swing techniques like writing thread-safe code, building custom components, and customizing the look and feel to create a more polished and powerful UI.
Tutorial 29 Jun 2005
Advanced Synth
Take an in-depth look at the Synth look and feel, the newest addition to Swing introduced in Java 5.0. Synth lets developers rapidly create and deploy custom looks for an application by introducing the concept of a "skin" to Java UI programming. Software Engineer Michael Abernethy takes you through Synth concepts step-by-step to build an application with a Synth look from scratch. After reading this article, you should be able to create professional-looking UIs in no time.
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Articles 01 Feb 2005
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