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What's new in PHP V5.2, Part 5: Tracking file upload progress
PHP V5.2 added hooks for developers to take advantage of tracking file upload progress in real time. This article, Part 5 of a five-part "What's new in PHP V5.2" series, shows how to monitor file uploads and write code accordingly, with the creation of a PHP progress bar.
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Articles 15 May 2007
What's new in PHP V5.3, Part 5: Upgrading from PHP V5.2
This "What's new in PHP V5.3" series covers new and exciting features in PHP V5.3, which is scheduled to release soon. Part 1 looks at the changes made to the object-oriented programming and object handling in PHP V5.3, Part 2 looks at lambda functions and closures. In Part 3, we look at namespaces, which is one of the most anticipated and the most debated feature in this release of PHP. In Part 4, we take a close look at Phar, which is an archive format that can be used within PHP. In this final part of the series, learn about things to consider when upgrading from PHP V5.2. There are changes that break backward-compatibility and features that are deprecated in PHP V5.3 for removal in future versions. Some enhancements to existing features within PHP are also covered.
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Articles 24 Feb 2009
1 - 2 of 2 results
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