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Speaking UNIX: Get to know Ksplice
Ksplice applies kernel patches on-the-fly - no reboot required - in a fraction of a second. Here's a hands-on guide to performing painless system updates.
Also available in: Chinese   Portuguese  
27 Jul 2010
Packaging software with RPM, Part 3: Accommodating software dependencies
In this third article in a three-part series on the RPM Package Manager, discover the ins and outs of software dependencies, and learn how to control and customize your software packaging. (This series replaces an earlier series on RPM written by Dan Poirier.)
Also available in: Japanese   Spanish  
12 Jan 2010
SolarNetOne: Solar-powered networking for anyone
In many parts of the world, the power grid is shoddy, computers are scarce, and connectivity is even rarer. Thus, as with many other modern practices and technologies, populations are increasingly split into the "computing haves" and the "computing have-nots." But many are addressing the divide. SolarNetOne is a turnkey Internet hotspot -- power, computers, and satellite uplink -- that you can install virtually anywhere, for less than the cost of a subcompact car.
30 Jun 2009
Speaking UNIX: The Squirrel portable shell and scripting language
If you don't want to commit to the idiosyncrasies of a specific shell running on a particular platform, try the Squirrel Shell. The Squirrel Shell provides an advanced, object-oriented scripting language that works equally well on UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows systems. Write a script once, and run it anywhere.
Also available in: Japanese  
17 Mar 2009
Scale your file system with Parallel NFS
The Network File System (NFS) is a stalwart component of most modern local area networks (LANs). But NFS is inadequate for the demanding input- and output-intensive applications commonly found in high-performance computing -- or, at least it was. The newest revision of the NFS standard includes Parallel NFS (pNFS), a parallelized implementation of file sharing that multiplies transfer rates by orders of magnitude. Here's a primer. [Note: The article has been updated with regard to vendor involvement in the origin and development of pNFS -- Ed.]
Also available in: Russian   Japanese  
26 Nov 2008
Developing software on an open source stack
Web developers are enjoying a renaissance. After spending much of the previous decade toiling on server-centric code, programmers are now putting code front-and-center, turning the Web browser into its own computing platform. Much of the renaissance must be attributed to ingenuity. The newest generation of tools and application frameworks automate and simplify the drudgery of building, deploying, and maintaining a Web site. There are also more tools than ever, and all the most innovative tools are open source. This tutorial provides an expansive survey of the free software available to developers to create and deploy Web applications.
19 Aug 2008
1 - 6 of 6 results
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