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Cultured Perl: Debugging Perl with ease
Teodor Zlatanov walks you through both the built-in Perl debugger and CPAN's Devel::ptkdb. The Perl debugger is powerful but frustrating to navigate. CPAN's Devel::ptkdb, on the other hand, works wonders by simplifying code debugging and thereby saving hours of your precious time. In his discussion Zlatanov concentrates on explaining debugging methods and general concepts rather than looking at specific tools.
Also available in: Japanese  
Articles 01 Nov 2000
Cultured Perl: Practical Twitter with Perl
Learn how to access the features of the Twitter API using the CPAN Net::Twitter module. You'll also see some solid business uses for Twitter, including automated posting and analyzing Twitter search results.
Articles 08 Dec 2009
Cultured Perl: Flickr, a business's bst frnd
Flickr isn't just for photo sharing and social networking; it's a legitimate business tool. Learn how Perl programmers can use the CPAN Chart modules to create charts and graphs, and the Flickr::Upload module to upload the charts to Flickr.
Articles 24 Nov 2009
Cultured Perl: Use IMAP with Perl, Part 2
Ted returns to the subject of accessing IMAP with the Mail::IMAPClient by looking at as an alternative to other IMAP and POP3 mail checkers. This time around Ted covers tunneling (or port forwarding as it is sometimes called), as well as applying the script to the Maildir mail-storage format.
Articles 19 May 2005
Cultured Perl: One-liners 102
From printing a range of lines to listing a file's contents in reverse order, Ted shows how to do more with less using these succinct, one-line Perl scripts.
Articles 12 Mar 2003
1 - 5 of 5 results
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