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Meet six misunderstood Ruby features
Suppose you are a C++ developer and you need to do some prototyping quickly in Ruby. When you pick up a Ruby reference book like the Pickaxe or browse the Ruby site, you see familiar constructs like class declaration, support for threads, and exception handling. Just when you thought you knew how Ruby works, you realize that concurrency in your Ruby code is not behaving like Boost threads, catch and throw are not what they seem, and others have used something called self all over the place in their Ruby script. Welcome to Ruby!
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Articles 01 May 2012
Understand Representational State Transfer (REST) in Ruby
REST, or Representational State Transfer, is a distributed communication architecture that is quickly becoming the lingua franca for clouds. It's simple, yet expressive enough to represent the plethora of cloud resources and overall configuration and management. Learn how to develop a simple REST agent from the ground up in Ruby to learn its implementation and use.
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Articles 17 Aug 2012
Developing software on an open source stack
Web developers are enjoying a renaissance. After spending much of the previous decade toiling on server-centric code, programmers are now putting code front-and-center, turning the Web browser into its own computing platform. Much of the renaissance must be attributed to ingenuity. The newest generation of tools and application frameworks automate and simplify the drudgery of building, deploying, and maintaining a Web site. There are also more tools than ever, and all the most innovative tools are open source. This tutorial provides an expansive survey of the free software available to developers to create and deploy Web applications.
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Articles 19 Aug 2008
1 - 3 of 3 results
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