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Practically Groovy: SwingBuilder and the Twitter API, Part 1
In this Practically Groovy article, Scott Davis tackles a topic that strikes fear into most server-side Java developers: Swing. As you'll learn, Groovy's SwingBuilder takes some of the sting out of this powerful yet complex GUI framework.
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Articles 29 Sep 2009
Practically Groovy: The @Delegate annotation
Scott Davis continues the discussion about Groovy metaprogramming with an in-depth look at the @Delegate annotation, which blurs the distinctions between data type and behavior and static and dynamic typing.
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Articles 25 Aug 2009
Practically Groovy: Metaprogramming with closures, ExpandoMetaClass, and categories
Enter into the world of metaprogramming, Groovy-style. The ability to add new methods to classes dynamically at run time -- even Java classes, and even final Java classes -- is incredibly powerful. Whether used for production code, unit tests, or anything in between, Groovy's metaprogramming capabilities should pique the curiosity of even the most jaded Java developer.
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Articles 23 Jun 2009
Practically Groovy: Building, parsing, and slurping XML
Learn how easy it is to slice and dice XML using Groovy. In this installment of Practically Groovy, author Scott Davis shows that whether you're creating XML with MarkupBuilder and StreamingMarkupBuilder, or parsing XML with XmlParser and XmlSlurper, Groovy offers a set of compelling tools for dealing with this ubiquitous data format.
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Articles 19 May 2009
Practically Groovy: Reaching for each
In this Practically Groovy installment, Scott Davis provides a dizzying array of ways to iterate through ... arrays. And lists. And files. And URLs. And on and on and on. The most impressive part is that Groovy provides a consistent mechanism for walking through all of those collections and more.
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Articles 14 Apr 2009
Scott Davis on rebooting the Practically Groovy series
Scott Davis, author, speaker, software developer, founder of, a Groovy and Grails training company, gets excited about rebooting the "Practically Groovy" series on developerWorks. His article "Groovy: A DSL for Java Programmers" is highlighted this week.
Articles 18 Feb 2009
Practically Groovy: Groovy: A DSL for Java programmers
Groovy expert Scott Davis reboots the Practically Groovy series, dormant since 2006. This initial installment catches you up on Groovy's recent history and the current state of the Groovy union. Then you'll learn how easy it is to get started with Groovy, circa 2009.
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Articles 17 Feb 2009
Practically Groovy: Smooth operators
The Java language has banned operator overloading, but upstart Groovy says "bring it on!" Find out what you've been missing all these years, as Andrew Glover walks you through everyday uses of Groovy's three categories of overloadable operators in this final, regular installment of Practically Groovy.
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Articles 25 Oct 2005
Practically Groovy: Functional programming with curried closures
Spice up your standard closures with the curry method, invented by Haskell Curry and found in the Groovy language since before the JSR compliant releases.
Also available in: Russian   Japanese  
Articles 23 Aug 2005
Practically Groovy: Groovy's growth spurt
With the release (and subsequent releases) of a JSR-241 compliant parser, the changes to Groovy's syntax have been formalized -- which means if you weren't paying attention before, now's the time to start. This month, resident Groovy practitioner Andrew Glover walks through most important changes to Groovy's syntax and shows you a handy feature you won't find in classic Groovy.
Also available in: Russian  
Articles 19 Jul 2005
Practically Groovy: Stir some Groovy into your Java apps
Ever thought about embedding Groovy's simple, easy-to-write scripts in your more complex Java programs? In this installment of Practically Groovy, Andrew Glover shows you the many ways to incorporate Groovy into your Java code and explains where and when it's appropriate to do so.
Also available in: Russian   Japanese  
Articles 24 May 2005
Practically Groovy: Go server-side up, with Groovy
The Groovlet and GroovyServer Pages (GSP) frameworks are built on the shoulders of the Java Servlet API. Unlike Struts and JSF, however, Groovy's server-side implementation isn't meant for all occasions. Rather, it's a simplified alternative for developing server-side applications quickly and easily. Follow along with Groovy advocate Andrew Glover as he introduces these frameworks and demonstrates their use.
Also available in: Russian   Japanese  
Articles 15 Mar 2005
Practically Groovy: MVC programming with Groovy templates
Views are an integral part of MVC programming, which is itself a ubiquitous component of enterprise application development. In this installment of Practically Groovy, Andrew Glover shows how Groovy's template engine framework can simplify view programming and make your code more maintainable over time.
Also available in: Russian   Japanese  
Articles 15 Feb 2005
Practically Groovy: JDBC programming with Groovy
Take your practical knowledge of Groovy one step further this month, as Andrew Glover shows you how to use GroovySql to build a simple data-reporting application. GroovySql combines closures and iterators to ease Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) programming by shifting the burden of resource management from you to the Groovy framework itself.
Also available in: Russian   Japanese  
Articles 11 Jan 2005
Practically Groovy: Ant scripting with Groovy
Both Ant and Maven rule the world of build processing, but XML is occasionally a less-than-expressive configuration format. In this second installment in his new series on the practical applications of Groovy, Andrew Glover introduces Groovy's builder utility, which makes it especially easy to combine Groovy with Ant and Maven for more expressive and controllable builds.
Also available in: Russian   Japanese  
Articles 14 Dec 2004
Practically Groovy: Unit test your Java code faster with Groovy
Not long ago, developerWorks contributor Andrew Glover penned an article introducing Groovy, a new proposed standard language for the Java platform, as part of our alt.lang.jre series. Reader response was fantastic, so we've decided to launch this column to offer a practical guide to using this hot new technology. This first installment introduces a simple strategy for unit testing Java code with Groovy and JUnit.
Also available in: Russian   Japanese  
Articles 09 Nov 2004
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