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Taming Tiger: The Collections Framework
You're probably quite familiar with the new Java 5 language support for generics, the concurrent utility libraries, and their effect on the Collections Framework, but those aren't the only changes to the Collections Framework libraries in Tiger. This month, John Zukowski covers several other enhancements, including the new collection types and the additional features of existing classes and interfaces.
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Articles 19 Jul 2005
Taming Tiger: Loading Properties from XML
The Properties class is an old favorite, around since the beginning of Java programming time with very few changes. The Tiger release of J2SE enhances this class, which allows you not only to use it to specify key-value pairs on a single line separated by an equal sign, but also to use XML files to load and save those key-value pairs. In this installment of Taming Tiger, John Zukowski demonstrates how to use this updated work horse.
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Articles 25 Feb 2004
Taming Tiger: Concurrent collections
What began as author Doug Lea's util.concurrent package has morphed into JSR-166 and into the Tiger release of the J2SE platform. What the new library provides is a set of utilities commonly needed in concurrent programs. If you are interested in optimizing multithreaded access to your collections, you've come to the right place.
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Articles 16 Jun 2004
Taming Tiger: Context popup menus
Tired of adding the same code all the time to show a JPopupMenu over a component? As John Zukowski shows you in this latest installment of Taming Tiger, J2SE 1.5 finally adds common code to the JComponent class so you don't have to.
Articles 12 May 2004
1 - 4 of 4 results
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