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Magic with Merlin: Porter-Duff rules!
Two-dimensional graphics programming with the Java language just got a little better. The AlphaComposite class, which previously supported only eight of the 12 Porter-Duff rules for digital image compositing, now supports all 12. In this installment of Magic with Merlin, John Zukowski describes all 12 rules and offers an interactive program to demonstrate how they operate.
Also available in: Japanese  
Articles 01 Sep 2001
Magic with Merlin: Swinging audio
The Swing architecture has traditionally provided a means for developers to create user interfaces for Java applications that mimic native UIs. The latest version of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition takes this idea a step further with a mechanism for associating feedback sounds with UI actions -- the kinds of beeps and clinks that users are accustomed to hearing out of their computer speakers. Though this functionality is turned off by default, John Zukowski shows you how to unlock its power in this article.
Articles 01 Jul 2002
Magic with Merlin: The ins and outs of Merlin's new I/O buffers
In this Magic with Merlin article, resident Java programming wizard John Zukowski shows how to manipulate the data buffers underlying the J2SE new I/O packages, for such tasks as reading/writing primitives and working with memory-mapped files.
Also available in: Japanese  
Articles 25 Mar 2003
Magic with Merlin: Printing in JDK 1.4, Part 1
It seems like every new release of the Java platform since 1.1 has brought changes to the platform's printing support framework. Merlin is no exception. In this month's Magic with Merlin, John Zukowski begins a two-part discussion of the latest capabilities.
Also available in: Japanese  
Articles 01 Mar 2002
1 - 4 of 4 results
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