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alt.lang.jre: Harnessing Rhino
JavaScript is well known as a language for dynamically manipulating and accessing the content of Web pages. With the introduction of Rhino, a 100% pure Java implementation of JavaScript, many developers have discovered that the language is also an excellent tool for quickly building and deploying GUI-based applications. In this fifth article in the alt.lang.jre series, regular developerWorks contributor Michael Squillace introduces you to the fundamentals of Rhino, a prototype-based alternative to the Java language on the Java platform.
Articles 02 Nov 2004
alt.lang.jre: Feeling Groovy
Andrew Glover offers an informal introduction to Groovy, the proposed addition to the standard programming languages for the Java platform.
Articles 03 Aug 2004
alt.lang.jre: Get to know Jython
Get to know Jython, in this first article in a new series introducing alternate languages for the Java Runtime Environment.
Articles 06 Jul 2004
1 - 3 of 3 results
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