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In pursuit of code quality: Don't be fooled by the coverage report
Test coverage tools bring valuable depth to unit testing, but they're often misused. This month, Andrew Glover brings his considerable expertise in this area to his new series, In pursuit of code quality. This first installment takes a closer look at what the numbers on the coverage report really mean, as well as what they don't. He then suggests three ways you can use your coverage to ensure code quality early and often.
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Articles 31 Jan 2006
In pursuit of code quality: Tame the chatterbox
Just seeing a sprawling code block from a distance gives some developers the willies -- and it should! Loquacious code is often the hallmark of complexity, which results in code that is hard to test and maintain. This month, learn three important ways to measure code complexity, based on method length, class length, and intra-class coupling. In this installment of In pursuit of code quality, quality expert Andrew Glover starts out with tips for eyeballing code excess, then shows you how to use tools like PMD and JavaNCSS for more precision when you need it.
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Articles 30 Jun 2006
In pursuit of code quality: Use test categorization for agile builds
Everyone agrees that developer testing is important, but why is it so darn time consuming to run tests? This month, Andrew Glover reveals the three categories of testing needed to ensure end-to-end system soundness and then shows you how to automatically sort and run tests by category. The result is a dramatically reduced built time, even with today's massive test suites.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 31 Oct 2006
In pursuit of code quality: Beware the tight couple!
You know tight coupling is bad news and you really want to avoid it in your designs -- but the question is how. This month, learn how to recognize a tightly coupled system and then disentangle it using the Dependency Inversion Principle.
Articles 22 May 2007
In pursuit of code quality: JUnit 4 vs. TestNG
With its new, annotations-based framework, JUnit 4 has embraced some of the best features of TestNG, but does that mean it's rendered TestNG obsolete? Andrew Glover considers what's unique about each framework and reveals three high-level testing features you'll still find only in TestNG.
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Articles 29 Aug 2006
In pursuit of code quality: Monitoring cyclomatic complexity
If complexity has been shown to correlate to defects, doesn't it make sense to monitor your code base's complexity values? Andrew Glover shows you how to use simple code metrics and Java-based tools to monitor cyclomatic complexity.
Articles 28 Mar 2006
In pursuit of code quality: Discover XMLUnit
Java developers are natural problem solvers, so it makes sense that someone has come up with an easier way to validate XML documents. This month, Andrew introduces XMLUnit, a JUnit extension framework that meets all your XML validation needs.
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Articles 19 Dec 2006
In pursuit of code quality: Adventures in behavior-driven development
Test-driven development (TDD) is a great idea in practice, but some developers just can't get over the conceptual leap associated with that word test. In this article, learn about a more natural way to integrate the momentum of TDD into your programming practice. Get started with behavior-driven development (BDD) (via JBehave) and see for yourself what happens when you focus on program behaviors, rather than outcomes.
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Articles 18 Sep 2007
1 - 8 of 8 results
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