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Mastering Grails: Build your first Grails application
Java programmers needn't abandon their favorite language and existing development infrastructure to adopt a modern Web development framework. In the first installment of his new monthly series Mastering Grails, Java expert Scott Davis introduces Grails and demonstrates how to build your first Grails application.
Articles 15 Jan 2008
Mastering Grails: Changing the view with Groovy Server Pages
Groovy Server Pages (GSP) puts the "Web" in the Grails Web framework. In the third installment of his Mastering Grails series, Scott Davis shows you the ins and outs of working with GSP. See how easy it is to use Grails TagLibs, mix together partial fragments of GSPs, and customize the default templates for the automatically generated (scaffolded) views.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 11 Mar 2008
Mastering Grails: Many-to-many relationships with a dollop of Ajax
Many-to-many (m:m) relationships can be tricky to deal with in a Web application. In this installment of Mastering Grails, Scott Davis shows you how to implement m:m relationships in Grails successfully. See how they're handled by the Grails Object Relational Mapping (GORM) API and the back-end database. Also find out how a bit of Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) can streamline the user interface.
Articles 15 Apr 2008
Mastering Grails: Grails services and Google Maps
Scott Davis shows you how you can add maps to a Grails application using freely available APIs and Web services in this latest installment of Mastering Grails. He uses the trip-planner sample application from previous installments and takes it to the next level with geocoding, Google Maps, and Grails services.
Articles 20 May 2008
Mastering Grails: Grails and legacy databases
In this Mastering Grails installment, Scott Davis explores the various ways that Grails can use database tables that don't conform to the Grails naming standard. If you have Java classes that already map to your legacy databases, Grails allows you to use them unchanged. You'll see examples that use Hibernate HBM files and Enterprise JavaBeans 3 annotations with legacy Java classes.
Also available in: Chinese   Japanese  
Articles 15 Jul 2008
Mastering Grails: The Grails event model
Everything in Grails, from build scripts to individual artifacts such as domain classes and controllers, throw events at key points during an application's life cycle. In this Mastering Grails installment, you'll learn how to set up listeners to catch these events and react to them with custom behavior.
Articles 12 Aug 2008
Mastering Grails: RESTful Grails
We live in the era of mashups. Creating Web pages that give users the information they want is a good start, but offering a source of raw data that other Web developers can easily mix in with their own applications is better. In this installment of Mastering Grails, Scott Davis introduces various ways to get Grails to produce XML instead of the usual HTML.
Articles 16 Sep 2008
Mastering Grails: Testing your Grails application
Grails makes it easy to ensure that your Web applications start out bug free and stay that way. As a bonus, you can leverage your test code to produce a rich set of executable documentation that is always up-to-date. This month, Grails guru Scott Davis shows you the Grails testing ropes.
Articles 14 Oct 2008
Mastering Grails: Asynchronous Grails with JSON and Ajax
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax) are staples of Web 2.0 development. In this installment of the Mastering Grails series, author Scott Davis demonstrates the native JSON and Ajax capabilities baked into the Web framework.
Articles 18 Nov 2008
Mastering Grails: Rewiring Grails with custom URIs and codecs
In this installment of Mastering Grails, Scott Davis shows you how to customize the standard Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that Grails generates for Web pages. Moving from primary keys to descriptive titles in URIs gives users a more memorable and more meaningful path to the resources that they seek.
Articles 10 Mar 2009
Mastering Grails: Authentication and authorization
Grails provides all the basic building blocks you need to put together a secure Web application, ranging from a simple login infrastructure to role-based authorization, and in this installment of Mastering Grails, Scott Davis gives you a hands-on lesson in securing your Grails application. You'll also learn about some plug-ins that can help you extend your applications' security capabilities in new directions.
Articles 28 Apr 2009
Mastering Grails: File uploads and Atom syndication
In this Mastering Grails installment, Scott Davis shows you how to upload files to your Grails application and set up an Atom syndication feed. With these last pieces in place, Blogito becomes a full-fledged blog server.
Articles 09 Jun 2009
Mastering Grails: Creating a custom plug-in
In this Mastering Grails installment, Scott Davis shows you how to create your own Grails plug-in. Once you see how effortless it is to create a plug-in, you'll understand why more than 250 Grails plug-ins are available now, with new ones being added all the time.
Articles 15 Sep 2009
Mastering Grails: Mock testing with Grails
In this Mastering Grails installment, Scott Davis shows you how to take advantage of the built-in mocking capabilities of the GrailsUnitTestCase and ControllerUnitTestCase classes included with Grails.
Articles 20 Oct 2009
1 - 14 of 14 results
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