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Achieve your API strategy with IBM API Connect
To deliver on your API strategy, you need to understand your key stakeholders, their needs, and how API Connect can help to meet those needs. In this article you learn about these essential elements of an API strategy. You see how IBM API Connect goes beyond the limits of an API management platform, allowing your organization to not only manage and secure its APIs, but to also create and run them. Finally, you see how quickly you can get started with API Connect.
Articles 06 Jun 2016
Automate project deployment using the Management API for WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration
This article describes how to automate your project deployment by using the WebSphere Cast Iron Management API. This automation allows you to manage and monitor your Cast Iron appliances and orchestrations that go beyond what the Web management console and command line interfaces can provide.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 16 Dec 2015
REST management interface and IBM DataPower Gateway: Part 1: Introduction to the REST management interface and status monitoring
The REST management interface, a new interface to the IBM DataPower Gateway Appliance, is intuitive to learn and easy to navigate. It helps DataPower developers achieve a faster workflow through its modern API and descriptive error messages. This tutorial series explains how to use the REST management interface to manage and monitor the configuration of DataPower Gateway appliances. It describes the functions, structure, and capabilities of the REST management interface, as implemented in firmware release This series also includes examples of common use cases with associated request and response payloads. In Part 1, you learn the basic concepts of the REST management interface and status monitoring.
Also available in: Chinese  
Tutorial 07 Dec 2015
Best of API tutorials for Business Process Management in 2015
In a digital world, business services need to be digital. You can think of application programming interfaces (APIs) as the glue that connects services, applications, and systems, or as the basic grammar for how digital businesses communicate about their capabilities and share data. As you look ahead to 2016, first look back to the best tutorials this past year about APIs for IBM® Business Process Manager (BPM) and IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM).
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 25 Nov 2015
Integration architecture: Comparing web APIs with service-oriented architecture and enterprise application integration
At a high level, both SOA and web APIs seem to solve the same problem – expose business function in real-time and in a reusable way. This tutorial looks at how these initiatives are different and how they align into an evolving integration architecture. It discusses how API Management differs from the integration architectures that came before it, such as SOA and EAI.
Also available in: Chinese  
Tutorial 18 Mar 2015
IBM WebSphere Portal 7 customization scenario: Part 1, Customizing a menu portlet
This article was written based on IBM WebSphere Portal (hereafter called “Portal”) 7, and the portlet was tested on Portal 7 Fix Pack 2. It will be useful for Portal implementers who need to customize Portal 7 features, using an API or Service Provider Interface (SPI) to suit customer requirements, including customizing menu displays, portlets display on a page, user registration and the user management module. To get the most from this article, you should have basic understanding of Portal configuration and JavaTM Portlet Specification (JSR) portlet development.
Articles 16 May 2012
IBM portal and collaboration products switch on SOA
Using a a simplified but realistic customer care scenario, you see how to rapidly build an initial service-oriented architecture (SOA), integrating and updating a set of legacy applications, improving user productivity using a modern, portal-based interface.
Articles 02 Nov 2006
1 - 7 of 7 results
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