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Deploy a Hello World webpage to IBM Cloud
Let's deploy a simple Hello World webpage using nothing but HTML and a static buildpack on IBM Cloud.
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Articles 19 Feb 2018
Use LDAP and Active Directory to authenticate Node.js users
If you already have an internal IT infrastructure, it quite likely contains an LDAP server (possibly Active Directory, acting as an LDAP server) to serve user identities. In many cases, it is best to continue to use that directory, even when your application sits in IBM Cloud. In this tutorial, I show you how to authenticate users.
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Tutorial 07 Feb 2018
Write runnable and deployable code for the IBM Cloud Functions platform
One of the great things about the developerWorks sandbox is that you can run your code in the browser or deploy it to Bluemix. Your deployed code is an action on the IBM Cloud Functions platform. However, the Cloud Functions platform requires your JavaScript or Java code to support a particular interface before you can deploy it. This tutorial explains the rules and requirements to make everything work.
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Articles 10 Jul 2017
Create a scalable and fault-tolerant REST endpoint using Flask and Python
Learn how to deploy a simple Flask application with an AngularJS user interface to IBM Cloud using the Cloud Foundry command-line tool. For this tutorial, we chose Flask over other frameworks like Django, Pyramid, and web2py because it is very lightweight and therefore easy to understand. For just writing up a REST endpoint it is a perfect fit. In addition, we also show you how a single REST endpoint can be used to multiplex between different functions.
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Articles 05 Jul 2017
Invoking actions on the IBM Cloud Functions platform
One of the great things about the developerWorks sandbox is its ability to deploy code to IBM Cloud. The deployed code becomes an action in the IBM Cloud Functions environment. This article shows you four ways to access that action after it's been deployed.
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Articles 28 Jun 2017
Hybrid Cloud Event Integration: Integrate Your Enterprise and Cloud with Bluemix Integration Services
The event-centric hybrid cloud integration revolves around applications running based on events or messages. The new event-centric approach to hybrid cloud aims to simplify the task of managing these messages while increasing the overall reliability of the system. IBM Hybrid Integration Services is a set of hybrid cloud capabilities in IBM Bluemix that allows businesses to create hybrid clouds by connecting their Bluemix environment to on-premises systems at the application programming interface (API), data, or event level. Learn more about IBM Bluemix services for hybrid cloud.
Redbooks 17 Feb 2016
Use Active Directory for authentication and authorization in your Node.js Bluemix application
In this article, you learn how to use your existing Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure to provide authentication and authorization decisions to your Node.js Bluemix application. Editor's note: This article has been archived due to outdated tech or methodologies. Please refer to updates to this article in "Use LDAP and Active Directory to authenticate Node.js users."
Also available in: Chinese  
Tutorial 17 Dec 2015
Creating Applications in Bluemix Using the Microservices Approach
Microservices is an architectural style, in which large complex software applications are composed of one or more of smaller services. This IBM Redbooks® publication gives a broad understanding of this increasingly popular architectural style and provides some real life examples on how you can develop applications using the microservices approach with IBM Bluemix. The source code for all these sample scenarios can be found on GitHub (
Books 06 Aug 2015
Bluemix demo at the Cloud World Forum 2015
Ed Shee, Cloud Software Specialist for IBM Bluemix, walks through a quick 3-minute demo on creating an application in the cloud with IBM Bluemix utilizing Watson Personality Insights. He shows how easy it is to provision a boilerplate -- a runtime, a service, and some starter code all bundled together.
Videos 04 Aug 2015
IBM@OSCON 2015: Let's work together
IBM is a longtime supporter of open source software and the open source community and is once again a prominent presence at the annual OSCON conference. This article provides an overview of IBM's activities during this year's event. You'll also get a glimpse of developerWorks Open, a new way to collaborate on and develop tomorrow's next innovations.
Articles 23 Jul 2015
Extract table information from PDF files using OCR and analytics technology
Learn how to build a REST application that provides a web service for converting PDF documents to text using IBM Bluemix. This service accepts a PDF file; converts the PDF file to a text file, capturing identified tables in the document (that is, XML or HTML); and returns the result to the user. The XML version is the output from the OCR engine, while the HTML version is the result of an error-correction process that fixes errors in the table structure identified by the OCR engine.
Also available in: Japanese  
Tutorial 11 Feb 2015
Accelerate your innovation with Bluemix
In this webcast replay, Chris Ferris and Sanjay Joshi show how IBM Bluemix changes the game for developers.
Videos 17 Oct 2014
Getting Started with Mobile Quality Assurance on Bluemix
Track the quality of your mobile apps by gaining insight from users and testers.
Videos 05 Sep 2014
Build a Hangman game with Java, Ajax, and Cloudant
Learn how to build an online Hangman game by using the Bluemix Liberty for Java runtime and Cloudant NoSQL database service.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian   Japanese   Portuguese  
Tutorial 04 Sep 2014
Bluemix team engages with developers
Nathan Vega discusses how the Bluemix team is engaging with developers around the world.
Videos 02 Jul 2014
IBM DevOps Services and Bluemix integration
Nathan Vega talks to Dan Berg about IBM DevOps Services and how it integrates with IBM Bluemix.
Videos 02 Jul 2014
Manage non-functional requirements for cloud applications
Learn architectural design patterns for managing non-functional requirements (NFRs) that are specific to Platform as a Service (PaaS) environments. And take a technical tour of IBM Bluemix, the IBM PaaS cloud operating environment, to see how Bluemix supports the design and creation of reliable, highly available, and scalable applications.
Also available in: Chinese   Japanese   Spanish  
Articles 30 Jun 2014
Introduction to the IBM Bluemix UI
Become familiar with the Bluemix user interface as Ryan Baxter shows you around.
Videos 26 Jun 2014
A demo of IBM Bluemix
This video shows a demonstration of IBM Bluemix, an environment for the quick creation, deployment, and management of applications in the cloud.
Videos 26 Jun 2014
Develop apps in the cloud with DevOps Services
This article describes how to get started using DevOps Services (JazzHub) to collaborate with others to plan, track, develop, and deploy software in the cloud. Using a sample application, learn how to develop on DevOps Services and deploy on IBM Codename: BlueMix.
Articles 11 Apr 2014
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