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Using IBM Lotus Expeditor Toolkit 6.1.2 to develop a plug-in to extend IBM Lotus Sametime
This article shows you how to use the IBM® Lotus® Expeditor toolkit to develop a plug-in to extend IBM Lotus Sametime®. It also shows you how to run and debug this plug-in in the Lotus Expeditor toolkit and how to install the plug-in in Lotus Sametime.
09 Dec 2008
Integrating CA (formerly Netegrity) SiteMinder 6.0 with IBM Lotus Connections 2.0
This white paper provides step-by-instructions on how to integrate CA (formerly Netegrity) SiteMinder 6.0 with IBM Lotus Connections 2.0 to provide your users with the security of a single sign-on environment.
27 Oct 2008
Customizing themes in IBM Lotus Quickr services for IBM Lotus Domino 8.1
This white paper provides an overview of the default standard place theme used in IBM Lotus Quickr services for IBM Lotus Domino version 8.1, hereafter referred to as "Quickr 8.1." The paper examines the details you need to perform customizations of this theme, focusing on a description of the Quickr 8.1 theme and how it works, as well as how to create a custom theme based on the default theme. Also included is a description of skin components new to Quickr 8.1, as well as a brief section on customizing the home page.
24 Oct 2008
Integrating IBM Lotus Quickr Services with IBM Lotus Sametime
This document describes how to integrate IBM Lotus Quickr Services for Lotus Domino and Services for WebSphere Portal with IBM Lotus Sametime. Specifically, you learn how to integrate Services for Lotus Domino for awareness, chat, and online meetings and Services for WebSphere Portal for awareness and chat.
Also available in: Chinese  
05 Feb 2008
Integrating IBM Lotus Sametime with the IBM Lotus Connections REST service
Learn how to customize IBM Lotus Sametime Connect with your own team chat feature. This extension takes advantage of the profile information accessible from IBM Lotus Connections using REST service APIs.
05 Feb 2008
IBM Lotus Notes V8 workloads: Taking performance to a new level
Learn about the IBM Lotus Notes/ Domino V8 enhancements to the NotesBench and Server.Load workloads. Three new workloads, N8Mail, N7Mail, and N8MailInit, demonstrate the typical tasks of a Lotus Notes user interacting with a Lotus Domino server.
Also available in: Chinese  
18 Sep 2007
IBM Lotus Expeditor restricted workbench: The lockdown service and associated native function
Learn about IBM Lotus Expeditor restricted workbench and discover how to prevent users from accessing applications and functions without specific permission from the administrator.
Also available in: Japanese  
18 Sep 2007
Deploying IBM Lotus Connections: Post-installation tuning
This article, part 2 in a seven-part series about deploying IBM Lotus Connections, focuses on post-installation tuning tips to ensure that your deployment does not suffer from common performance pitfalls. Learn from an expert on recommended practices to perform after the initial installation of Lotus Connections is complete.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian   Japanese  
11 Sep 2007
Using the Message Recall feature in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino V8
You asked for it, and now with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino V8 you have the ability to recall mail messages. Learn how the Message Recall feature works, how to configure and control it, and how to deploy it.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian  
07 Aug 2007
Integrating composite applications with activities in the IBM Lotus Notes V8 client
Learn how to create an Eclipse view component and how to add it to a new composite application in IBM Lotus Notes V8; the component uses the Activities API to create, read, update, and delete activities on an Activities server.
31 Jul 2007
Leveraging user context in the IBM Lotus Notes V8 sidebar and toolbar
The new architecture of IBM Lotus Notes V8 enables visibility into what the user is doing at any given time. This article describes how to access this information and suggests ways in which it can be used to increase user productivity.
Also available in: Japanese  
24 Jul 2007
Working with plug-ins in IBM Lotus Sametime V7.5.1: Developing the BuddyNote plug-in
Building IBM Lotus Sametime on top of Lotus Expeditor lets you use Eclipse as a Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) to extend Lotus Sametime's functionality in many ways. This article, part 2 of a four-part series, shows how to develop the BuddyNote plug-in from scratch.
17 Jul 2007
Building an acronym expander plug-in for IBM Lotus Sametime V7.5.1
Use extension points in IBM Lotus Sametime V7.5.1 to build a plug-in that allows you to show the expanded version of acronyms.
19 Jun 2007
Adding a dictionary facility to IBM Lotus Sametime Connect V7.5.1
Learn how to tap into the Eclipse-based nature of IBM Lotus Sametime V7.5.1. Create a plug-in that adds dictionary facilities to IBM Lotus Sametime Connect. Learn how to use the Dictionary and Thesaurus API for Java to add linguistic features to your Lotus Sametime client applications.
Also available in: Japanese  
30 May 2007
Creating an audio playback plug-in for IBM Lotus Sametime Connect V7.5
Learn how to create a plug-in that plays back an assigned audio file when an instant message is received from a specified Sametime partner.
24 Oct 2006
Integrating Macromedia Flash and IBM Lotus Notes/Domino: Flash-based UIs for your Domino-based solutions
Present content and incorporate the design from a Domino view into a Macromedia Flash-based view. With this solution, you can quickly expose standard Domino views for Web users and easily update the design of a single Domino view for both Lotus Notes and Web clients.
11 Jul 2006
Troubleshooting application performance: Part 1: Troubleshooting techniques and code tips
When it comes to application performance, faster is better. In part one of this series, we offer a tried-and-true method for troubleshooting application performance with a real-life example of how we applied this process to a customer's application.
Also available in: Japanese  
29 Mar 2005
Lotus Notes mail: comparing server-based mail and local replica mail
This article offers some fresh insights about a long-standing question: In which situations is it better to use a server-based Lotus Notes mail file, and when should you use a local replica copy?
01 Mar 2005
IBM Workplace Client Technology architecture
This article takes an "under the hood" look at IBM Workplace Client Technology to help you better understand its architecture and how you can use its standards-based technologies to build and manage IBM Workplace client applications.
15 Feb 2005
Lotus Notes Calendar and Scheduling explained! Part 1
Calendar and Scheduling (C&S) is one of the most popular and widely used features in Lotus Notes. This two-part article series takes a close look at C&S and how its major components work together. In Part 1, we discuss the internal workflow of C&S, and how the preferences you select affect its functionality.
Also available in: Japanese   Japanese  
18 Oct 2004
Defining processes in your Notes/Domino environment
This article explains how you can develop good processes that help ensure reliability and availability in your Lotus Notes and Domino environment -- without turning you into a Borg!
04 Oct 2004
Integrating Google’s Web API service in Domino applications
Add Google Web search functionality to your Domino applications with Google's Web API service. This article shows how to implement that search functionality in an application using a simple agent. Download the code samples and get googling!
12 Jan 2004
Offloading Lotus Enterprise Integration tasks to the server
This article discusses several different ways of dealing with this problem by moving the actual database work to the Domino server – either in real time or in batch mode.
Also available in: Japanese  
05 Jan 2004
Using credential vault to provide single sign-on for portlets
This article provides and explains four portlet applications that use different credential vault techniques to maintain credentials.
06 Nov 2002
Exploiting dynamic HTML: Lessons from iNotes Web Access
Dynamic HTML (DHTML), a combination of several Web technologies, helps developers create the best possible user interface for Web applications. This article explores DHTML using the much praised user interface of iNotes Web Access as an example.
01 May 2002
Notes from Support: Password checking
This article examines how password checking is implemented in Notes/Domino, explores the intricacies of authentication with password checking, and provides some hints and tips for administering and troubleshooting the password checking process.
Also available in: Japanese  
04 Sep 2001
Ask Professor INI: Mystery variables
Professor INI takes the case of the mystery variables -- NOTES.INI variables that don't actually exist or that exist but are undocumented. In this column the Professor unravels a few of these mysteries.
01 Aug 2001
Optimizing server performance: Transaction logging
Domino R5 includes transaction logging for reliable data storage. This means not only the end of long Fixup sessions, but an overall increase in system performance. This article looks at a performance analysis of Domino transaction logging on Windows NT.
Also available in: Chinese  
02 Aug 1999
Combining complex @formulas with LotusScript
This tip describes a form-based method for combining The @formulas with LotusScript. It works by creating a form called function worksheet that contains all the complex @formulas which is called by the LotusScript ComputeWithForm method.
02 Nov 1998
Rebuilding hidden views
This tip shows how to use keyboard shortcuts to force the update of views in a database, including any hidden views used to store information accessed through lookups -- either all the views in a database, or an individual selected view.
01 Sep 1998
Displaying marquees on your applications
This article shows how to add marquees that display constantly changing headlines on a page in both Notes and a Web browser. The application is coded in LotusScript, HTML, and JavaScript. (Downloadable example code is included.)
01 Jul 1998
The ABC's of using the ACL
This primer explains why and how the ACL evolved into its present key role in the Notes/Domino architecture. It reviews ACL components and the ACL dialog box and offers tips for developers and users on using ACLs.
01 Apr 1998
Tips on monitoring Domino statistics and events
This article looks at the tools for monitoring Domino's statistics and events and how they help administrators keep track of server conditions by issuing notices and alerts -- for example, whenever a server is running low on disk space.
03 Nov 1997
Testing TCP/IP connections with NotesCONNECT
NotesCONNECT (a Notes application downloadable from the Sandbox) troubleshoots Notes TCP/IP connection problems by using Notes API calls (but not the Public Address Book or Notes address resolution logic) to make TCP/IP connections.
16 Jun 1997
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