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Optimizing server performance: Transaction logging
Domino R5 includes transaction logging for reliable data storage. This means not only the end of long Fixup sessions, but an overall increase in system performance. This article looks at a performance analysis of Domino transaction logging on Windows NT.
Also available in: Chinese  
02 Aug 1999
Combining complex @formulas with LotusScript
This tip describes a form-based method for combining The @formulas with LotusScript. It works by creating a form called function worksheet that contains all the complex @formulas which is called by the LotusScript ComputeWithForm method.
02 Nov 1998
Rebuilding hidden views
This tip shows how to use keyboard shortcuts to force the update of views in a database, including any hidden views used to store information accessed through lookups -- either all the views in a database, or an individual selected view.
01 Sep 1998
Displaying marquees on your applications
This article shows how to add marquees that display constantly changing headlines on a page in both Notes and a Web browser. The application is coded in LotusScript, HTML, and JavaScript. (Downloadable example code is included.)
01 Jul 1998
The ABC's of using the ACL
This primer explains why and how the ACL evolved into its present key role in the Notes/Domino architecture. It reviews ACL components and the ACL dialog box and offers tips for developers and users on using ACLs.
01 Apr 1998
Tips on monitoring Domino statistics and events
This article looks at the tools for monitoring Domino's statistics and events and how they help administrators keep track of server conditions by issuing notices and alerts -- for example, whenever a server is running low on disk space.
03 Nov 1997
Testing TCP/IP connections with NotesCONNECT
NotesCONNECT (a Notes application downloadable from the Sandbox) troubleshoots Notes TCP/IP connection problems by using Notes API calls (but not the Public Address Book or Notes address resolution logic) to make TCP/IP connections.
16 Jun 1997
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