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Hide In-Body Prompts
Using Javascript to collapse or expand an HTML div block to hide or show a set of prompts within rendered HTML output.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
Hiding Headers and Toolbars for Individual Reports in IBM Cognos 8 BI version 8.2
This document provides step by step instructions on how to hide elements of the Header by overriding the default CSS properties using report level an HTML item.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
IBM Business Analytics Proven Practices: Auto Cascading Multi and Single Value Prompts without Page Refresh in IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio
This document provides a technique to auto-cascade single or multi select value prompts without refreshing the page, or re-running the prompt queries.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian  
Articles 26 Mar 2015
IBM Business Analytics Proven Practices: Implementing an Interactive Map Widget in IBM Cognos Workspace
This document provides the steps required to implement an Interactive Map Widget for use with IBM Cognos Workspace 10.2.1 and 10.2.2.
Also available in: Russian  
Articles 12 Feb 2015
IBM Business Analytics Proven Practices: Setting Dynamic Date Prompt Values within IBM Cognos 10.2 Report Studio
This document describes a technique to set dynamic default values for date prompts using a combination of prompt macros and JavaScript.
Articles 14 Nov 2012
IBM Cognos Proven Practices: Dynamic Sorting of a List within IBM Cognos Report Studio
A technique which applies dynamic column sorting on a list using custom IBM Cognos Report Studio toolbox items.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian  
Articles 19 Jul 2013
IBM Cognos Proven Practices: IBM Cognos BI - Restrict Tree Prompt Selection with JavaScript
A technique for report developers that wish to utilize a Tree Prompt but require that the value submitted be restricted to a designated level within a hierarchy.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 22 Dec 2010
IBM Cognos Proven Practices: IBM Cognos BI – Auto Submit a Tree Prompt Using JavaScript
A brief video illustrating how to automatically submit a single select tree prompt selection using JavaScript.
Articles 22 Jun 2011
IBM Cognos Proven Practices: Using JavaScript to Pass Multiple Values to a Textbox Prompt within IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio
This technique uses JavaScript to allow a user to pass multiple values provided to an IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio textbox prompt.
Also available in: Chinese   Spanish  
Articles 11 Aug 2010
Performing Tasks using Parameterized URLs in IBM Cognos 8
How to launch all Cognos components (Cognos Connection and all studios) and objects (reports, folders, pages) from URLs. Useful for embedding content into other applications and providing drill-through between studios and other applications.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
Report Studio Freeze Panes with Scripting
A client-side JavaScript technique to "freeze" the columns of a list or the rows and columns of a crosstab when scrolling frames with extensive content.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
Report Studio: Dynamically Filtering Data Based on the Column Selected
This technique describes how to create a report that allows users to dynamically filter a report based on a field selection.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
Using the script option to rename PDF files to the Burst Key value
Burst output can be directed to a file system rather than being stored within the Content Store. This process produces uniquely named output files created with a generated key. A script can be used to rename these files according to the burst key value.
Articles 19 Oct 2011
1 - 13 of 13 results
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