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Advanced Prompting with Supporting Files
This document discusses the changes to Prompting in IBM Cognos 8.4 as well as custom prompt controls.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
Auto-Size Select and Search Prompt within IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio
This document details an optional switch which may be used to make the display areas dynamically re-size to meet the demands of the wider data.
Articles 02 Mar 2010
Dynamic Reporting with Tokens and Member Unique Names
How to use token and member unique name prompts to extend the prompting capabilities of a report to reference metadata rather than the normal prompting behavior of supplying data values only.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
IBM Business Analytics Proven Practices: IBM Cognos BI Report Studio - Measure Based Value Prompt
Create a value prompt on a measure data item in an IBM Cognos BI Report Studio report using a relational package and prevent the aggregation of those values in the prompt selection, using the steps described in this article.
Also available in: Russian  
Articles 15 May 2014
IBM Cognos Proven Practices: Using Relative Time Categories within Report Studio Prompts
This guide demonstrates a method of using transformer's relative time categories within Report Studio Prompts. The guide shows how to create prompts that default to a relative time category value whilst also allowing the user to use any other time category. The methods shown do not require any Javascript.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 30 Aug 2011
In_Range Filters and Character Fields within IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio
This document details an optional setting which may be used to have a report return data within a range regardless if the From value is greater than the To.
Articles 02 Mar 2010
Passing Use and Display Values on a URL
This document focuses on passing 'Display values' as the primary value, and also includes details on how to pass complex parameters such as ranges.
Articles 18 Aug 2009
Pasting Values into Report Prompts
A multi-line text box prompt can allow users to paste in multiple values from their clipboard. When the values are separated by line feeds or carriage returns then they will be considered to be individual values when passed to the query.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
Prompts and Parameterized SQL
Using a "token" prompt macro to give users the ability to select the filter expression to use at run-time. This extends the existing prompting capabilities by allowing the query to be defined dynamically. This method can be extended to other expressions.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
Tree Prompts
This document describes how you can build a dimension and use it to create a tree prompt to filter against a relational datasource. The zip file contains the document, model, report specification and an export of the MS SQL Server2005 datasource.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
1 - 10 of 10 results
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