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Creating Mailing Lables in IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio
This document will outline how to create mailing labels in IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio.
Articles 03 Nov 2009
Formatting Report Parameters using layout Calculations
This document was created in response to a customer enhancement request for the ability to format parameter values displayed as Layout Calculations.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
IBM Business Analytics Proven Practices: Using a Template within IBM Cognos 10 Query Studio
This document provides the step by step instructions on how to create an IBM Cognos Report Studio template and apply it as a default template within IBM Cognos 10.2 Query Studio.
Articles 16 Nov 2012
IBM Cognos 8 BI - Multiple Aligned Column Headers in Lists and Crosstabs
This document will show step-by-step how to create list and crosstab reports in Report Studio that contain multiple aligned header rows to ‘group’ column information together and display additional information about the items displayed in the report.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
IBM Cognos Proven Practices: Dynamic Sort on a Numerical Column in IBM Cognos 8
This document describes an approach that can be used to dynamically sort on a Numerical Column.
Also available in: Chinese   Spanish  
Articles 29 Jun 2010
IBM Cognos Proven Practices: Fit PDF Report Output to Page in IBM Cognos BI Report Studio
This short guide demonstrates an easy method of making a report PDF output fit to page, both vertically and horizontally, without impacting the HTML view.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 25 Aug 2011
Image Indicators in a Crosstab
How to unlock the contents of your crosstab fact cells to include an image. The image is conditionally displayed based on the data included in the crosstab and can be used as a metric indicator for the measure values.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
Repeat Crosstab Labels in CSV
Details on how to modify the Report Service and Batch Report Service to change the generation of CSV output files to include an instance of the row or column labels for each column rather than one label per set of child rows or child columns.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
Using Multi-Page Report View in IBM Cognos 8 BI
This document will show the best way to create a multi-tab report veiw in the IBM Cognos 8 Portal.
Articles 08 Mar 2010
1 - 9 of 9 results
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